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The Cost of a New Roof with the Top 7 Roofing Materials

February , 2023 | 29 min. read

By Nicole Corson

Spanish tile roof

Don’t you just hate it when you go to a website and you land on an article, read it, only to find out at the end of the article that you need to contact someone to get the answer you were searching for? It usually goes something like this: ” to find out more information on our costs and prices, click this button to contact us!” 

Listen, we get how frustrating this can be, so we promise to not only have the difficult conversations about price but also to be transparent and provide you with as much information as we can upfront. 

The cost of having your roof replaced is a lot like purchasing a car. There are many variables and options that will determine the final amount needed to cover your particular style or taste, right?  

Many of the same model vehicles come with options for more horsepower, special paint, or tire and wheel packages. Do you love upgraded interior packages with a sunroof or a panoramic view? Let’s not forget about the amazing electronic packages available. 

So, do you prefer the basic model or the one with all the bells and whistles? Or maybe somewhere in between? Well, just like buying that perfect vehicle, the one that's just right for you, there are a lot of “bells & whistles' to choosing a roof that is just right for you.

Since we have helped over ten thousand clients over the past few decades, 30 years and counting, we decided to put our experience to work right here for you. Whether you choose to use RoofCrafters for your roofing project or another local contractor, we want to be a part of your journey and help educate and inform you so you make a better-informed decision about your roofing investment. 

There are many factors that go into determining the cost to get a new roof, so we’ll do our best to make it easy to understand. In this article, we'll cover the 3 main factors that determine the cost. We'll show examples of the most popular roofing materials used on homes and businesses. We'll also provide you with the average cost of the top 7 roof materials most commonly used. We've also put together a short video if you'd rather watch it instead of reading.

Let’s get started, shall we?


how much does it cost to replace a roof

The 3 Main Factors Considered When Calculating the Cost to Tear-Off and Replace a Roof


The cost of replacing your roof varies depending on many factors, here are the 3 main factors that are used to determine the price.  

  1. The type of roof material you select will impact the cost.

  2. The total square footage of the roof area that needs to be covered.

  3. The complexity or difficulty of your roof project, such as, how steep your roof is.

The most economic and widely used roof materials are asphalt shingles. There are 4 different styles of asphalt shingles for you to choose from.

Depending on the particular style or curb appeal that you prefer, the duration of the warranty for the materials, and of course, the cost or budget you have set aside for your roofing project.

The 4 different shingle types are: 

  • 3-Tab shingles
  • Architectural shingles
  • Upgraded architectural shingles
  • Designer shingles 

It would be impossible for me to give you an exact price without knowing all of the factors used to determine the final cost. So we'll provide you with the average cost of a typical home with one of the most popular roof materials in 2023.

architectural shingle roof with valleysMost homeowners can expect the cost of their roof to average between $11,200 and $17,100. This price is based on a typical 3 to 4-bedroom home, with a standard 2-car garage.  Installing an architectural shingle.

Of the asphalt shingles types, the GAF HDZ architectural shingles shown above are the most popular materials installed on residential homes. 

The price may be slightly less, but it could be a little higher. But typically it will fall somewhere in between depending on all the project-specific factors. Every home has different roofing components that are needed for your roof. Every roofing project is a little different, therefore calculating the exact cost of your roof without seeing it would be nearly impossible. 

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To get the exact cost for your roof you'd need to have your local roofing contractor come out. They'll do an onsite inspection and take exact measurements. Hey, If you are ready to move forward now, we know a guy! We'll send one of our expert estimators out to measure and perform an onsite inspection and discuss the different roof options with you. If so, you can schedule your inspection here.

The Top 7 Roofing Materials Installed in the US


The roof materials you choose are one of the main determining factors that go into calculating the cost of your roof replacement. Here are 7 of the most popular roof materials and the average cost for a new roof.

  1. 3-tab shingle roof average cost of $7,300  to  $10,600
  2. Architectural shingles average cost  $11,200  to  $17,100
  3. Upgraded architectural shingle average cost of $13,100  to  $19,000
  4. Designer shingle roofs average cost of $18,300  to  $29,100
  5. Screw-down metal roofs average cost of $16,500  to  $31,700
  6. Standing seam metal average costs $27,500  to  $42,300
  7. Spanish tile roof average cost  $33,700  to  $69,800

The Cost to Roof a Home With a 3-Tab Shingle


3-tab shingle 3-Tab shingles are the least expensive and therefore will be the most economical shingles available.

The 3-tab shingles are often referred to as builder-grade shingles. They are commonly installed on new construction homes and investment properties. They do come in a wide variety of colors. They’re good if you have an extremely tight budget. However, they’re not so good if you are looking for the highest quality and protection from storms.

Cost: Least expensive shingles, 3-tab average around $7,300 to $10,600.

Aesthetics: They are very flat and the 3 -tabs provide a slate-like look.

Lifespan: In most climates, they will last between 12 to 15 years.

Protection: Being the lightest of the asphalt shingles they provide the least wind warranty of the 4 shingle types at only 60 mph compared to 130 mph for the other 3 options.

 View the GAF Color Chart Here

View the CertainTeed 3-Tab colors here.

Single story home with 3 tab shinglesFor a 3-tab shingle roof on a home with 2 straight sides. Without chimneys or skylights, the average cost is $7,300.

two story home with 3 tab shinglesA 3-tab shingle roof on a house with 2 stories. A little more complex, the average cost is $8,950.

3 tab roof with complex valleysA 3-tab shingle on a home that is more complex. The roof has several valleys and gables, the average cost is $10,600.

Cost of a New Roof With an Architectural Shingle 


architectural asphalt shingle

Architectural asphalt shingles are heavier than the 3-tab shingles. They'll provide you with a better wind rating than the 3-tab shingle. A higher wind rating gives you more protection during a storm.

Architectural shingles are sometimes referred to as laminated or dimensional shingles.  During the production of the shingle, the manufacturer laminates shingle parts together. This laminated part creates depth or provides dimension.

Fun fact, this shingle was designed to look like real wood shingles.  So, in my opinion, the darker colors look more natural. Especially the brown colors. Maybe because they resemble a real wood shake shingle roof more than the gray colors or light gray colors. Maybe it's because I know they were designed to look like wood shingles and wood shingles are brown!

The architectural shingle is also the most popular shingle used here in the United States. This shingle provides a greater wind warranty and depending on weather conditions it lasts 7-10 years longer than the 3-tab shingles. 


Cost: Architectural shingles typically cost around 10% to 15% more than 3-tab shingles Average cost is $11,200  to  $17,100.

Aesthetics: These shingles provide a dimension that will provide more curb appeal.

Lifespan: Most architectural roofs last 17 to 22 years with proper roof ventilation. Why does proper ventilation matter?

Protection: With the correct installation methods they can provide wind coverage up to  130 mph depending on which manufacturer you go with.

View the CertainTeed architectural colors here.

View the GAF Architectural colors here. 

simple architectural shingle roofAn architectural shingle on a house with 2 straight sides. Without chimneys or skylights, the average cost is $11,200.

architectural shingle home with few valleysAn architectural shingle on a home that is a little more complex.  With a dormer and a few valleys, the average cost is $14,150.

complex architectural shingle roofAn architectural asphalt shingle on a home that's more complex. With several hips and valleys, the average cost is $17,100.

Cost to Replace a Roof with an Upgraded Architectural Shingle 


Upgraded architectural shingles can provide you with the same economic ease as the other shingles. The difference is they'll enhance your curb appeal. 

Side by side with its little brother the ‘regular’ architectural shingle,  there really is not much comparison. This shingle is made with more asphalt. It's heavier in weight. The extra weight makes it a thicker shingle.  This creates more definition and gives your roof more of a 3-dimensional look This will provide your home added curb appeal. 

 upgraded architectural shingleIt’s common sense. A heavier shingle will have less of a chance to blow off, right?  These shingles also come with longer algae warranties. That means the black streaks won't be able to grow on your roof for a very long time. Bonus, because it will look better for longer without the black streaks. 

Yes, It does have a greater upfront investment.  It'll also stay on longer during a high wind storm and it provides your home with much more curb appeal.  If you don't want a basic shingle roof or the most common shingle roof and you're looking to make an impact on your home’s curb appeal, then this one may be the right one for you!


Cost: The upfront investment for these heavier architectural shingles is typically 10 to 15% more than the regular architectural shingles. Average cost  $13,100  to  $19,000.

Aesthetics: The thickness of these shingles creates a very noticeable difference that provides an extra pop from the street.

Lifespan: Created with more asphalt in the shingle, these shingles typically last 25 to 30 years.

Protection: The heavier a product the less likely it is to blow off in a major wind storm. These shingles can weigh as much as 100 lb per square foot more than regular architectural shingles depending on the manufacturer you go with.

See the CertainTeed colors available.

See the GAF upgraded shingle colors here. 

simple upgraded architectural shingleFor an upgraded architectural shingle on an easy roof pitch. With 2 straight sides and no chimneys or skylights, the average cost is $13,100.

slightly complex, upgraded architectural shingle roofAn upgraded architectural shingle on a roof that is a little more complex. With a skylight and several hips and valleys, the average cost is $16,050.

Upgraded architectural shingle on complex roofAn upgraded architectural shingle on a house with 2 or 3 stories.  The roof is more complex, with dormers and walls and several valleys, the average cost is $19,000.

The Cost to Roof a House With Designer Asphalt Shingles


Designer Shingles are also referred to as luxury shingles. Designer or luxury shingles are specially designed to simulate real products. Real products like slate or wood shingles. Designer or luxury shingles are specially designed to add a unique one-of-a-kind look to your house.

brick house with designer shinglesDesigners are the heaviest in the asphalt family. Because of the extra weight, these shingles will certainly be the last to blow off during a high wind storm. Designer shingles can add tremendous aesthetic value, they'll provide your home with a stellar curb appeal with their one-of-a-kind unique designs.

If you want your home to stand out from the rest. Or if you want all the neighbors to be a little peanut butter and jelly...this may be the right roof material for you!


Cost: Designer roofs have the most upfront investment and will cost anywhere from 20% to 25% more depending on which designer shingle you choose. The average cost is $18,300  to  $29,100.

Aesthetics: These shingles are specifically manufactured to provide the most curb appeal.

Lifespan: You can expect these shingles to last 30 to 40 years.

Protection: Designer shingles are the heaviest of the shingle family.  With the proper installation, these provide unmatched wind and protection from severe storms.

See the CertainTeed designer styles and colors here.

See the GAF designer options and colors here.

simple designer asphalt shingle roofFor a designer asphalt shingle on a house with an easy roof pitch.  Without chimneys or skylights, the average cost is $18,300.

designer midA designer asphalt shingle on a complex house with 2 stories or split level.  With a chimney or a skylight and valleys, the average cost is $23,700.

large home with designer asphalt shinglesA designer asphalt shingle roof on a house with 2 stories or split level.  More complex, with a chimney, dormers, and several valleys, the average cost is $29,100.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing an Asphalt Shingle Roof

  1. Do they fit my budget? (What is the average cost?)

  2. How long will they last?

  3. What type of maintenance will be required?

1. The cost of the materials

Of all the different roof materials available today, asphalt shingles are the most economically priced for any home or business. The ease of installation, combined with the 4 different grades of shingles make them appealing and an exceptional option for roofing any home or business.

2. The expected lifespan of asphalt roof shingles

  • 3-Tab asphalt shingles can be expected to last 12 to 15 years
  • Architectural asphalt shingles can be expected to last 18 to 23 years
  • Upgraded architectural asphalt shingles can be expected to last 25 to 30 years
  • Designer asphalt shingles can be expected to last 30 to 40 years

All shingles come with manufacturers' material warranties that are pre-determined by each of the manufacturers through research and studies. The expected lifespan provided above is all based on the actual lifespans that we have seen over the past 30 years in the roofing industry.

3. Roof maintenance can prolong the expected lifespan

Having roof maintenance done twice or even once per year will help prevent premature roof failure. Preventative maintenance, such as, keeping leaves and debris off the roof and checking all your pipe penetrations and flashings to ensure they are properly sealed. These simple tasks will prevent the most common roof leaks and extend the life of the asphalt shingles.

What Are the Pros and Cons of an Asphalt Shingle Roof?


The pros of an asphalt shingle:

  • Weather-resistant, fire-resistant, and wind-resistant. Asphalt shingles are proven to resist sunlight, heat, cold, water, and ice. They also comply with fire and wind standards.
  • Economical, easy installation, and low maintenance. Asphalt shingles are produced at a high volume, which reduces the cost compared to other roofing materials. Combine the ease of installing an asphalt shingle roof with little to no maintenance and this makes it one of the most economical roof materials available today.
  • Aesthetics and style options.  You get a wide selection to choose from.

The cons of an asphalt shingle:

  • Replace more often. Being the most economical, they lower lifespan than other products such as metal, slate, or clay tiles, which means they will need to be replaced more often.
  • Less protection. Asphalt shingles also have a lower wind rating than metal, slate, or clay tiles roofing materials, making them more likely to get 

Now that you know all about asphalt shingles let’s talk metal roofing.

The 3 Most Common Metal Materials Used for Roofing in 2023


The 3 metal roof materials that are most commonly installed on homes and businesses in the US over the past 30+ years and in 2023:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Galvalume

Of all the different metal roofing materials available, the 3 metal roofs mentioned are the most economical. Which means they'll be cost-effective. They offer you a wide range of aesthetic looks, longevity, and price ranges.

These materials are all available in standing seam panels, panels with exposed fasteners, or a shingle-style profile.

Aluminum Metal Roofing


Aluminum is one of the most naturally energy-efficient metal roof materials. It is highly reflective, fire-resistant, and non-corrosive. So, if you live on or near the ocean or saltwater this is a great choice of metal material because it will not rust.

Aluminum metal comes in different thicknesses; typically, we use a 032, 040, or 050 thickness for roofing. The higher the number the thicker the aluminum will be. 032 and 040 are most widely used on roofs

Aluminum also comes in a mill finish or a painted finish. Mill finish will provide you with a raw metal look and it will oxidize into a naturally beautiful raw metal finish. Aluminum also comes in a wide variety of painted finished colors. Most of the paint finishes come with a 40-year paint warranty with some manufacturers offering a 45-year paint finish warranty.

Standing seam metal roofs require a high skill set. That is to get a properly installed roof system that will last you 75+ years if the workmanship is done right. Because aluminum is a softer material it makes it a little easier for the installer to fabricate the flashings and custom metalwork needed to get a great finished roof.

Steel Metal Roof 


Steel roofing is the most popular material used for metal roofing products. Steel metal is galvanized steel that is hot dipped or coated in a zinc coating. Steel is less costly and can be as effective and efficient as the other metal materials that are available. 

The steel most commonly used for roofing comes in 24 gauge, 26 gauge, and 29 gauge. Don't get fooled, unlike aluminum, the lower the number the thicker the steel metal roofing will be. 

4 of the most widely installed steel roofing profiles installed on homes or businesses:

  • Standing seam metal panels (12”-18” wide panels)
  • Interlocking steel shingles  (slate or shake look)
  • 5-V crimp metal roofing (2-foot wide screw-down panels)
  • Maxi-rib or multi-rib panels (3-foot wide screw-down panels)

Because steel is not a non-corrosive metal, these metal roofing materials require a painted finish. Paint finish warranties range from 20 years to 45 years depending on the thickness, type of panel, and the manufacturer of the materials.

Steel metal roofing is very cost-effective and offers a wider range of prices depending on which profile you choose, the thickness of the metal, and the paint warranty the manufacturer offers. 

Galvalume Metal Roof


Galvalume metal is also a metal that has a steel core and is coated with aluminum to prevent corrosion. Galvalume is much like steel roofing and comes in the same thicknesses, 24 gauge, 26 gauge, or 29 gauge. It is also available in all 4 of the different panel profiles.

The main difference with galvalume is that it comes as a mill-finish metal product, so it does not get a painted finish. This makes it slightly less expensive and easier to work with as the painted materials can get scratched during installation if not handled carefully. It is also a great option to use around the ocean or if you live anywhere near saltwater. 

Which Metal Roof is Right for You?


Which metal roof is right for your home? Great question! When deciding which metal roofing to choose for your home or business consider these factors;

  • Longevity
  • Durability
  • Wind Resistance
  • Maintenance 
  • Tree coverage
  • Energy efficiency
  • Desired Curb Appeal

The Cost to Roof a House With a Screw-Down Metal 


A screw-down metal roof is also referred to as an exposed fastener roof, an agricultural panel, a 5-V crimp roof, a maxi-rib, or a multi-rib panel. The screw-down roof is designed to give you the look and feel of a metal roof.  But exposed fastener roofing requires less labor to install than a standing seam metal roof system.

However, the exposed screws will require some maintenance somewhere between 5 and 10 years. 

View screw-down metal roof colors and options here.

simple screw down metal roofFor a screw-down metal on a house with 2 straight sides.  Without chimneys, skylights, or valleys the average cost is $16,500.

screw down metal roof home with dormersA screw-down metal roof on a home with 2 stories.  A little more complex, with a chimney, dormers, and a couple of valleys, the average cost is $22,750.

large home with screw down metal roofA screw-down metal roof on a house with 2 or 3 stories.  More complex, with a chimney, walls, and several valleys, the average cost is $31,700.

The Cost Replace a Roof With a Standing Seam Metal 


Unlike the screw-down roof system, there is little to no roof maintenance needed for a standing seam metal roof. A standing seam metal roof is one of the best roofs. It may be the top roof option available for any home or business.

And yes, as you can see from the figures below, this roof installation comes with a much higher upfront investment. Because standing seam metal roofing is the highest quality for metal roof systems.

One of the reasons is that superior installation methods require skilled metal roofers.  The installation goes much slower than with a screw-down metal roof system. Standing seam metal installed correctly will provide your property with the highest wind protection around.

View the Standing Seam metal roof colors.

simple standing seam metal roofFor a standing seam metal roof on a house with 2 straight sides. Without chimneys, skylights, or valleys the average cost is $27,500.

standing seam metal roof with valleysA standing seam metal on a house with a roof that is a little more complex.  Has a couple of hips and valleys, and the average cost is $34,900.

large home with red, standing seam metal roofA standing seam metal roof on a house with 2 or 3 stories.  More complex, with a chimney, walls, a skylight, and several valleys, the average cost is $42,300.

The Cost to Tear-Off and Replace a Tile Roof


A tile roof or tile roofing is sometimes referred to as a Spanish roof or a Spanish roofing tile.  It's one of the premium roof materials available today.  

Tiles are made from clay or concrete materials. The cost of concrete tiles vs. clay tiles is similar. Both tiles are designed for longevity and to appeal to a certain architectural design. Typically these are installed on Mediterranean, European, Modern, and of course Spanish-style homes.

Because of the weight of tile roofs, your home or business needs to be pre-engineered for a tile roof. The average weight of a tile roof is 1000 pounds per square.

To see roof tile types and colors available, view Eagle styles and colors here

simple tile roofFor a tile roof on a house with 2 straight sides. Without chimneys, skylights, or valleys the average cost is $33,700.

tile roof with multiple valleysA tile roof on a more complex home with 2 stories or split level.  the roof has several hips and valleys, the average cost is $51,750.

large home with tile roof that has multiple valleysA tile roof on a complex house with 2 or 3 stories.  With a chimney, walls, or a skylight and several hips and valleys, the average cost is $69,800.

Can I Afford a New Roof?


Yes, you can! And you can estimate the replacement costs on your own, but getting in contact with a professional roofing company will always be your best bet. They'll be able to catch all the details needed to complete an entire roofing system and give you an in-depth explanation.

Image call to action, use the pricing calculator to estimate the cost of your roof replacement

When it comes down to how much you can expect to pay for a new roof, and if you can afford it, any reputable roofing company will offer you financing options so you can stay within your budget. If you're eager to talk to one of our friendly representatives about new roof costs, go ahead and drop us a line on our contact page


If you'd prefer to brush up a little more on your roofing service knowledge, you can better educate yourself through the extensive resources located in our learning center. We recommend reading “How Supply Chain Issues, Oil Price Increases, and Inflation Are Affecting the Roofing Industry” next, so you can be better educated on the increasing out-of-pocket costs of your next roofing project.

Have you started thinking about what color roof you want? Check out: how to pick the best color roof.

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