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Case Study

How the Pleasant Family Revitalized their Roof

To Jacksonville homeowners, parents, and grandparents Paul and Renee Pleasant, their home has been their pride and joy since it was built in 2003, only recently, they discovered a few pesky leaks. They’re prime examples that no matter how expensive your roof was, or how diligently you’ve taken care of it over the years, wear and tear that causes roof leaks are one of those things in life that are inevitable.

“Our goals were 100% exceeded. Aesthetically, our home was night and day. I mean, the curb appeal alone is amazing.”

Renee Pleasant

Create Your New Beginning with RoofCrafters

"Knowing that you have to replace a roof...that's a BIG deal."

Picture this: You wake up one morning, realizing that your rental property's roof needs a replacement, and you're ready to throw in the towel. It's not just about the roof; it's about your dreams, your investment, and your peace of mind.

Joanne, the founder of Create Your New Beginning, found herself in this exact situation, ready to sell her rental property, and hope seemed scarce. Despite her best efforts, inspectors and home renovators provided no real solutions. But Joanne wasn't one to give up. She took the initiative to search for a company that would truly understand and support her needs. So, listen to Joanne's story, share in her struggles, and discover how a roof replacement with the right team can be the turning point in your journey. Just like Joanne, you too can find your path to a brighter, worry-free future.

RoofCrafters Customer Testimonial

Meet Tracy, a homeowner with a dream of retiring in her cherished home. She wanted her roof to dazzle with curbside appeal, but concerns about cost, color choice, and issues loomed. That's when she found team RoofCrafters. Through constant communication and a deep understanding of Tracy's goals, we worked together to make a daunting project unfold seamlessly. Today, Tracy's home boasts a stunning roof that captivates her neighbors, and she's confident that it will last for years. We encourage you to watch Tracy's roofing journey unfold; Her story is a testament to the transformation that a roofing project can bring to your home.

Tracy Customer Testimonial

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