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Maintenance Plans for You

What Can I Expect With RoofCrafters Roof Maintenance?

Why Maintain My Roof?

Like all things on planet Earth, your roof has a specific lifespan. When you nurture and care for your roof with maintenance, it will live a long, happy life, protecting what matters most - your family inside.

If you neglect to maintain your roof, not only will its lifespan decrease but you'll also be met with extensive damage that results in costly repairs - aspects that could've been avoided.

To RoofCrafters, your home is more than just a property. You and your family deserve to continue making memories for decades to come, and by filling out the form above, you'll be met with bi-yearly roof inspections to help you ensure that. 


Become a Priority Member

RoofCrafters Priority Members receive additional benefits with our maintenance program. These benefits include:


RC-1-1   Access to our Rapid Response Team: You are added to the top of our Priority List in the event of any storm or natural disaster.


RC-2-1  Extra Safety: Leave roof maintenance to the professionals; there are many hazards involved in roof maintenance.


RC-3-1  Proactive Solutions: Our experts are trained to identify problem areas to keep your family safe from detrimental but common roof leaks.

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Success Stories From Your Neighbors

"Did an excellent job! They catered to all my concerns and went above and beyond my expectations. Would definitely hire them again for future jobs and recommend them to all of my friends!"

"Great job, guys! They worked extremely hard and did a top-notch job. Would highly recommend RoofCrafters to anyone. From Rich to Craig to the staff, everyone was great to work with."

"We’re very happy with our repair by RoofCrafters. Very reasonably priced. The work was done promptly, too. They matched the replacement shingles with our current roof. You almost can’t tell there was work done on our roof. Great job, RoofCrafters!"

Storms Move Fast, But RoofCrafters Moves Faster

Don't wait, keep making memories with your family and rest assured that your roof will keep you safe and secure when you schedule regular maintenance with RoofCrafters, today. 


Get Roof Maintenance