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A Poor Roof Installation Will Cost You Expensive Repairs

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Poor Initial Installation

Once a poorly installed roof begins showing signs of damage, the necessary repairs will have a domino effect.

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Unskilled Contractors

Contractors neglecting to use concise expert-level skills when installing your roof ultimately endanger you and your family.

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When a poorly trained roofing crew begins a project on your property, a lack of insurance could mean any injuries or damages that occur could come out of your pocket.

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Wasted Money

All of the topics mentioned here will result in a vast amount of wasted money, time, and peace of mind.

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Your Values Will Be At The Forefront Of Your Roofing Project

At RoofCrafters, we believe that your values should be an essential aspect of your roofing project. You deserve the best for your home, and your vision should not only be met, but exceeded. You should never have to wonder if your roof contractor is going to take your desires into consideration or keep you in the dark throughout the duration of your project.

That is why we make it our mission to provide you with expert-level care and communication in order to bring your roof to life for you.

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Begin Your Roofing Project In 3 Simple Steps

At RoofCrafters, you’re treated like family, which means keeping your best interests at heart. Your roofing project will be as stress-free as possible from start to finish.

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Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

Deciding if your roof needs a simple repair or a total replacement can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Take this short quiz and find out through 3 simple questions what your next roofing project will look like.

Remember: This quiz is intended for educational purposes. Every roof is unique, so it is best to schedule an inspection with an expert to diagnose your roof's condition.

Success Stories From Your Neighbors

"Great job, guys! They worked extremely hard and did a top-notch job. Would highly recommend RoofCrafters to anyone. From Rich to Craig to the staff, everyone was great to work with."

"Did an excellent job! They catered to all my concerns and went above and beyond my expectations. Would definitely hire them again for future jobs and recommend them to all of my friends!"

"We’re very happy with our repair by RoofCrafters. Very reasonably priced. The work was done promptly, too. They matched the replacement shingles with our current roof. You almost can’t tell there was work done on our roof. Great job, RoofCrafters!"

Choose A Roofing Company That Suits You

At the end of the day, you know what will work and what is best for you and your family. While you make your decision on choosing a roofing company that suits you, it is important to remember that not every roofing company is made the same.

Choosing a roofing contractor who has honed their craft at an expert level is the most important aspect. You want a stellar roof put on your home, not a mediocre one. So, remember to do your research into the companies of your choice, and choose the one you think fits best into your life.

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Your Trusted Local Neighborhood Roofing Company

With over 29 years of experience,  you can trust that your roof inspection will be in great hands! Schedule an inspection with RoofCrafters or take the repair or replace quiz to decide on the best course of action for your roofing project.

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