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roof installation | pricing

By: Cassie Findley
June 29th, 2022

 As homeowners, oftentimes we don't realize the importance of a sound roofing system until something drastic happens. Life gets busy, and while your roof may be okay on sunny days,  if you find yourself breaking out Memaw's serving dishes to collect the running water from your ceiling on the rainy ones, it may be time to consider a roof replacement.   Maybe you've known for quite some time that you need a new roof, but you're unsure of the costs, or you just don't think it's within your budget. So, in turn, you've let your roof go. Listen to RoofCrafters when we say that there is no shame here. Different people have different priorities, and at the end of the day, sometimes a new roof is at the end of that list.   RoofCrafters has been replacing roofs for nearly 30 years, and we've worked with thousands of homeowners who are anxious, stressed, and fearful of the monetary unknown regarding their roofing project. No one should ever have to feel like they're in the dark when it comes to their roofing project expenses, so we created this article as a cheat sheet for you.   By the end of this article, you will have learned about the averages of new roof prices, the most common roofing materials, and other costs that may be associated with a roof installation. Take a deep breath, and let's jump right in!       How Much Does a New Roof Cost?   The cost of replacing a roof varies depending on many factors that determine the actual cost, such as the square footage of your roof, the materials you select, and the extent of damage to your roof framing structure. However, for the most part, you can expect the prices for the most common roofs (which are asphalt shingles) to be an average of $12,000 to $15,000, and as high as up to $30,000 for larger more complex roofs.   It really all depends on the type of roofing materials you select for your home. Here are five of the most common roofing materials with their average costs installed on a single-family home:   3-tab shingle roof, average cost $7,300 – $10,600 Architectural shingles, average roof cost $11,200 – $17,100 Upgraded architectural shingles, average roof cost $13,100 – $19,000 Standing seam metal roof, average roof cost $27,500 – $42,300 Spanish tile roof,  average roof cost $33,700 – $69,800   These are the most common materials and the average size roofs that we typically tear off and replace with new roofs. However, before you try to answer the question, “how much does a new roof cost?” you need to be sure that replacing your roof is your only option.   Here are a few things you can do to ensure you’ve exhausted all other possibilities:   Check the roof’s lifespan and make sure it has lived a specific number of years. Ask a roofer if a repair is possible instead of a roof replacement. Be sure you’ll be using the property in the future. If you plan to move to another place, perhaps a costly replacement is not a good option. What’s the frequency of repairs? If you’ve often been getting roof repair services, it’s time to move on to a new roof.   After you’ve made sure that replacing a roof is the best possible option for your home, it’s time to estimate the costs. So,  let’s take a look at some of the most common costs that you may need to bear during a replacement process.   1. Roofing Material   Roofing material is one of the main factors that will affect your overall replacement costs. For example, if you want a slate roof installed, it’ll be more expensive than a more common roofing material. In contrast, if you go for asphalt shingles, the price will be much more economical. Either way, it’s best to have a budget in place for the roof replacement so that a professional roofer can provide solutions accordingly.   2. Cost of Labor   Believe it or not, labor accounts for 60% of the total roof replacement cost. If you’ve hired a roofing company that’s charging minimal prices, perhaps it’ll be better to check out their customer reviews. Most roof leaks are caused by improper installation, so you'll want to make sure you have a roofing contractor that provides quality work and has a great workmanship warranty.   3. Other Components   There is a lot more that goes into a roof replacement than just material and labor costs. To ensure safety and avoid future repairs, a professional roofer may install and repair other elements of the roof. These elements can include:   Underlayment Flashing Starter Shingles Drip Edge Ventilation Water Shield Skylights   Another cost that might seem small but will add to your estimate is the cost of nails. A roof replacement will require several boxes of nails, so you mustn’t leave this cost out.   4. Condition of the Roofing System   Besides replacing asphalt shingles or tiles on the roof, a professional roofer will also evaluate the condition of your roof framing structure. The cost of replacing a roof may increase if your roofing framing structure is damaged.   These repairs will be an added cost- on top of roof replacement. However, these repairs will ensure that your new roof functions well throughout its lifespan.   5. Unforeseen Costs   Other factors such as natural calamities, fires, and inflation should also be considered when estimating the cost of roof replacements. If the actual cost is a lot higher than the ones you estimated, it could be because of the costs previously mentioned.   Perhaps you have damage to your roofing system that the insurance won’t cover. Consider all possibilities before setting a budget for your roof replacement. It may be a good idea to set aside some money to cover any additional fees to avoid these surprise costs.   Can I Afford a New Roof?   Sure, you can estimate replacement costs on your own, but getting in contact with a professional roofing company will always be your best bet. They'll be able to catch all the details needed to complete an entire roofing system and give you an in-depth explanation.   When it comes down to how much you can expect to pay for a new roof, and if you can afford it, any reputable roofing company will offer you financing options so you can stay within your budget. At RoofCrafters, we believe that a quality roof that provides protection for you and your family is not a luxury, but a right every homeowner deserves.   If you're eager to talk to one of our friendly representatives about new roof costs, go ahead and drop us a line on our contact page. We'll reach out to you as soon as possible to schedule your inspection. If you'd prefer to brush up a little more on your roofing service knowledge, you can better educate yourself through the extensive resources located in our learning center. We recommend reading "Is Your Roof Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?" next, so you can be better prepared for the out-of-pocket costs of your next roofing project.

metal roof | roofing services

By: Nicole Corson
June 28th, 2022

If you landed here I can only assume that you also live down here in the south where we see these triple-digit temperatures all too often.

asphalt shingles | composition roof

By: Cassie Findley
June 27th, 2022

Summertime in the southeast is officially here, which means more than just beach days and barbecues. The blazing temperatures, dangerous UV rays, and serious storms that the summer months bring have a large impact on the health and longevity of your roof. If there is ever a time to take a good look and consider if it’s time for a repair or a replacement, it’s not.

Roof Replacement | Maintenance

By: Cassie Findley
June 24th, 2022

 As important as our roofs are to our home, they’re often overlooked. They’re not something that we spend an incredible amount of time looking at, like the way we do with the painting in our kitchen, or the new rug in our living room. The truth is, we only start to notice the roof when problems arise.  

new roof | Roof Replacement | pricing

By: Nicole Corson
June 23rd, 2022

The price of your next roof is the undisputed elephant in the room in every home service-based industry, am I right and we believe the roofing industry may be one of the worst industries for hiding behind the cost.

Roof Repair | roof installation | Roof Replacement

By: Kevin Mills
June 22nd, 2022

The idiom “to have a roof over your head” starts to make sense when your roof does not look or function the way it used to. When visitors look at a neglected roof, they are quick to assume that the overall house is poorly maintained.   At RoofCrafters, we know you wouldn’t intentionally allow your roof to deteriorate. I mean, roof replacements are expensive, right? Our contractors have over 28 years of experience conducting estimates, so we know there are times when the roof is not as bad as the client originally thought.   So, can a roof be repaired instead of replaced? The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no. There is a lot to consider before you plan to repair or replace your roof. It depends on many factors, such as proper yearly maintenance, the extent of damage, improper installation, aesthetics, and more, all of which you will be learning about in this article provided to you through pros and cons. Let's get started!     Can My Roof be Repaired Instead of Replaced?   This is a loaded question that is dependent on a few different factors. Yes, your roof can easily be repaired if you have regularly scheduled your bi-yearly inspections to ensure that it is in the best possible condition.   If you have been ignoring problems such as leaks, cracks, or other damage for an extended period of time, you may need to consider replacing the entire roof of your home.   Here are some of the questions you could ask yourself before making an informed decision: What type of roofing problems am I facing? Are major parts of the roof distorted or damaged? How long ago did I get the roof installed? Will I be using this property for the long term? What is my budget for the roofing solutions?   Roof Repairs Vs. Replacements   If you’ve figured out the answers to the questions mentioned above, it’s time to take a deeper dive into the matter. Whether you’re considering a roof repair or replacing a roof completely, you have to bear in mind that both these solutions have their respective pros and cons.   Whatever option you opt for, always conduct thorough research and ensure it is the best solution for your roof needs and personal preferences. Now, let’s discuss what goes into choosing a roofing solution and the pros and cons of each option.   1. Roof Repairs   As mentioned earlier, before answering the question “can a roof be repaired instead of replaced?” you need to consider the type and size of the damage. For minor damages, such as leaks, missing shingles, cracks and holes, weather damage, or installation faults, you could consider getting roof repairs instead of replacing a roof entirely.   In addition to this, you must also check the size of the damage. If most of your roof is destroyed, it’s better to go for the less cost-efficient method of replacing a roof. It would also be beneficial to check in advance whether the new repairs will go with or match the existing roofing or not. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of repairing a roof.   Pros of Roof Repairs:   Repairing a roof can prove to be a more cost-efficient solution. Repairs will take less time compared to a whole roof replacement. Repairing a roof can increase the lifespan of your existing roof system. Cons of Roof Repairs:   Matching the colors of the shingles is important to make the roof aesthetically pleasing. However, it is almost impossible to do so, especially if the shingles are old You’ll need to hire an expert in roof repairs to avoid more damage and problems in the future. 2. Replacing a Roof     Replacing a roof can prove costly and takes up a lot more time than repairs. However, to avoid future mishaps and maintain your property’s value, sometimes replacing a roof can be inevitable. It will also help if the manufacturer has specified the number of years your existing roof would last.     If the roof has lived out its time, you definitely need to part ways with the old roof. Additionally, if you reside in a region with harsh weather conditions, the roof may depreciate a lot faster. So, it’s always a good idea to check the condition frequently by having regular maintenance performed.   Moreover, if you’re facing ventilation problems, it might be indicative of the fact that the roof was not installed properly, and thus needs to be replaced. Before you come to a conclusion, however, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of roof replacements.   Pros of Replacing a Roof:   Replacing the roof can and most certainly will increase the value of your house. Of course, who doesn’t want their house to be the prettiest one on the block? Curb appeal! Getting a roof replaced with the help of a professional will enable you to relax and not worry about it for a long time. After all, peace of mind is priceless. Cons of Replacing a Roof:   Roof replacement costs are expensive. Replacements take a lot of time and can be inconvenient. Roof replacement projects can disrupt the daily lives of you and your family. It gets messy and noisy, plus your home is open to the elements. Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?   Ultimately, the decision is up to you! This article is merely a tool to help guide you as a homeowner in the right direction. If you know you need a total roof replacement but it’s just not in the budget at the moment, RoofCrafters will do everything in our power to ensure your repairs will last you.   Likewise, if you know you need a few repairs but just don’t have a convenient time to do so, we will work with you to figure out a schedule that best suits your busy lifestyle. After all, you and your family deserve a safe and comfortable home to thrive in. A quality and stable roof is not a luxury, but a privilege every homeowner and family deserves.    You can inspect and evaluate the condition of your roof independently to decipher what type of work is required, but an expert will provide you with a detailed list of solutions tailored to fit your needs. So, it’s always a good idea to seek help from a local professional roofing company to get the roof repaired or replaced.    We know that these decisions can be difficult to make, but you don’t have to do it alone. Schedule an inspection with RoofCrafters today, and one of our highly skilled contractors will come to take a look at your roof and plan the next steps tailored to the needs of you and your family.

Roof Leaks | Pricing in Georgia

By: Nicole Corson
June 21st, 2022

It doesn't matter how expensive your roof was years ago, or if you got the highest quality of materials used to build it, roof leaks are one of those things in life that just happen. If you’re currently watching water drip into your kitchen pots and pan, you’re not alone. 

professional roofing

By: Cassie Findley
June 20th, 2022

Your roof is like a sculpture. It’s carefully curated and pieced together by an artist who has expertly honed their craft. Each component and layer is diligently placed, whether you have a shingle roof, a metal roof, or even a tile roof. Now, it may not seem all that glamorous while your roofing crew is slam-banging hefty materials and hammering so hard it seems like your roof just might come crashing down upon your head, but in the grand scheme of things, your roofing project truly is a work of art.


By: Kevin Mills
June 17th, 2022

Replacing a roof is expensive. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive home improvement projects that homeowners face if they stay in a home for more than a decade or so. When it comes time to make the decision to get your roof replaced, it can feel a lot like plunging yourself into the deep end.   You feel alone, confused, and unsure of the process, only to have a salesman take advantage of you and sell you something you don’t necessarily need nor want. At RoofCrafters, we make it our mission to educate homeowners like you on the process of their roofing projects from start to finish. Part of that journey includes choosing the warranty option that’s the best fit for you and your home.   You'd want coverage on anything that you're about to dish out some serious cash for right? Think of a warranty like an insurance policy that covers your investment in a new roof for a certain period of time. Don't worry, we'll go ahead and break it down for you. In this article, you'll learn what a roofing warranty is, how long they last, and what they do and don't cover. 

roof inspection | roofing services

By: Nicole Corson
June 16th, 2022

There could be several reasons why you could need a professional roof inspection in Bluffton, South Carolina.