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Virtual Roof Estimates

Welcome to the future! Avoid pushy salespeople, busy schedules, and forced decisions with RoofCrafters virtual estimate tool. Receive an accurate roof quote online for your roof replacement.

satellite measurement for new roof
What Do You Need?

Why Use Virtual Roof Estimates?

Virtual Roof Estimates are ideal for homeowners considering roof replacement who prefer to proceed at their own pace without pressure from salespeople. With a virtual estimate, you can confidently make decisions on your schedule, fitting around your busy life without the need to schedule an in-person appointment. This allows you to take your time to review and consider the estimate at your convenience, ensuring you feel comfortable and informed about your roofing project.

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How do Virtual Estimates Work?

At RoofCrafters, we utilize advanced high-resolution satellite imagery software to precisely measure your roof. This technology allows us to assess both the size and complexity of your roof, ensuring accurate measurements for your roof replacement cost estimation. This innovative tool provides detailed and reliable assessments without the need for on-site visits, offering convenience and accuracy in planning your roofing project.


Schedule Your Virtual Estimate with RoofCrafters

Please note that we can only provide accurate virtual estimates for our service areas. This includes limited areas in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.