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Navigating Storm Damage Insurance Claims in Augusta, Georgia

June , 2023 | 7 min. read

By Scott Wilson

roofers in Augusta Georgia inspecting a storm damaged roof

After a storm passes and leaves behind a trail of destruction. The last thing you want to stress about is how to handle the insurance claim for your Augusta, Georgia property. Unfortunately, the post-storm period can be a confusing time. Navigating insurance claims is overwhelming by itself. Not to mention ensuring that you receive a fair assessment of damages. 

We get it.

At RoofCrafters, we've helped countless Richmond County homeowners over the last 30 years. We've done so by helping them understand and process their storm damage insurance claims. Our wealth of experience in this field has enabled us to guide our clients through each step of this sometimes daunting process. Now we want to help you. 

In this article, we'll walk you through the different steps involved in filing an insurance claim in Augusta, GA, following storm damage. By the end, hopefully, you'll have a better understanding of getting the repairs your property needs. Let's get started!

Understanding the Storm Damage Insurance Claim Process in Augusta, Georgia


Insurance claims for storm damage can be an intricate process and may vary depending on the extent of the damage. For minor issues like a loose door or scattered patio decorations, it's often not worth filing an insurance claim. But, for large damages, taking the necessary steps to file a claim becomes vital. After a storm in Augusta, it's important to inspect your property's condition. Make a list of the areas requiring restoration or repair.

Roofers installing a tarp on a storm-damaged roof in Jacksonville Florida

Here are key areas to inspect:

  1. Roof: Check for any shingles that are cracking or missing. In some cases, the storm might have partially or completely removed your roof.
  2. Structural Damages: Check your property and roof for any structural or foundational damage. 
  3. Cracks: Look for any cracks on your roof, ceiling, or walls. These could be indications of serious structural issues.
  4. Leaks: Inspect your attic and rooms with many windows, as water can seep in through the smallest of cracks and crevices.
  5. Fallout: Watch for fallen trees or debris on your roof or landscape. Uprooted trees are common aftermath of a storm and can compromise the structure of your roof or property.
  6. Broken Elements: Look for signs of broken glass, damaged pipelines (including gas and water lines), power supplies, and more.
  7. Gutters: Broken, damaged, or clogged gutters on the roof can cause water to back up and seep into your home.
  8. Flooding: Look in basements and along exterior walls, flooding can cause extensive damage to your property.

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Engaging an Experienced Storm Damage Roofing Contractor in Augusta, Georgia


Contacting a reputable and experienced storm damage roofing contractor is an essential step in the aftermath of a storm. It's especially beneficial to engage contractors experienced in dealing with insurance claims. They'll have established procedures for coordinating with insurance companies.

roofer checking the flashing on a wall

You have the option to collect opinions and cost estimates from several contractors. But, keep in mind that this may result in your insurance company approving the least expensive option. This may not always be the best one for the quality of repairs needed for your home.

An experienced storm damage contractor in Richmond County can help you navigate the insurance claim process. They'll ensure your insurance company pays to repair and restore your property to its pre-storm condition. Keeping you from paying out of pocket. In most cases, you'll only be responsible for your insurance deductible and any upgrades you desire.

Roofer inspecting an asphalt shingle roof

Be mindful of potential scams. A reputable contractor will not ask for full payment upfront. Such a request might show the contractor is not certified and lacks the required tools and equipment to complete the job. Furthermore, no repair work should begin until the insurance company approves and funds the damage claim.

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Initiating the Process with Your Homeowner's Insurance Company in Augusta, GA


After your local roofer inspects the damage, your next step is to contact your homeowner's insurance company. Be prepared to give a thorough description of the incurred damages. You may want to provide photographs of the damage to speed up your claim process.


After reporting the damage, you will receive a claim number from your insurance provider. An insurance adjuster will then contact you to schedule an inspection of your property. 

The types of damage that can be claimed will be determined by the stipulations in your homeowner's insurance policy. The claim will be approved once the damage has been assessed and deemed worthy of repair. With this approval in place, you can proceed with arranging for the necessary repairs.

Insurance Claims and Roof Repairs in Augusta, GA


For roof repairs, insurance claims can range from partial to full coverage. Including issues related to matching materials. When a storm diminishes the durability and longevity of your roof, your home can become unsafe to inhabit. So, if your homeowner's insurance policy includes coverage for roof damage. The costs of roof repairs will be covered, even if the damage is only partial.

Before and after pictures of a roof replacement on a beautiful two-story home.

The insurance company may also cover the cost of roof repair or replacement in case of discontinued materials or matching issues. In certain circumstances, a complete roof replacement may be necessary to mitigate damage.

Wrapping Up: Post-Roof Repair and Restoration in Augusta, GA


man with pen filling out paperwork

Upon completion of the roof repair, your roofer will provide all the necessary documents to your insurance provider. This documentation enables the release of final payments and brings your claim to a complete settlement and closure. The duration of this process often depends on the severity of the damage and the time required for repair. Remember throughout this process, patience with your insurance company is key.


Key Takeaways: Navigating Roof Insurance Claims in Augusta, GA


Storms can wreak havoc and cause considerable damage. But the speed and efficiency with which you respond after the storm has passed are important. The first step should be to call a reputable local storm damage company to assess and document the damages. They play an important role in making sure your insurance company provides the necessary funds to restore your property. 

commercial roofing company tearing off a flat roof with the text teamwork on the image

Are you unsure where or how to find a local roofing company? RoofCrafters offers a comprehensive checklist of questions to ask potential contractors. Along with the correct responses, this guide can help you find the best contractor for your needs.

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Knowing how to mitigate and prevent secondary damage after a storm can save you time and money. The steps provided here will guide you through the process. If you do not currently have homeowner's insurance, consider the benefits of securing a policy. Storm damage is an unfortunate reality, and being prepared can make all the difference when disaster strikes.

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