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2023 | What's the Cost for a Roof Replacement in New Smyrna Beach?

February , 2023 | 14 min. read

By Nicole Corson

Tile roof on a Spanish style house

Worried about roof leaks or your old roof not holding up in the next Florida tropical storm?

The storms we have coming off the coast aren’t your typical rain showers either right? If your roof has some age it may be time to start planning to get it replaced.

As a homeowner, the biggest concern we have when things need repairing around our home is the cost. "How much is this thing going to cost me?"

We get it.

Being in the roofing business for 30 years, we understand that a roof replacement is a hefty investment. One home improvement project that most of us homeowners need to budget for too.

We also know it's frustrating to get a budget for a roof. Roofing companies don’t want to discuss the cost of roof replacements online. It’s like some secret. What is the deal with that?

Well, here at RoofCrafters our family has helped thousands of homeowners with their roof replacements over the last 3 decades. So we know a thing or two about estimating the cost of a roof. Now we want to share our 30 years of experience in replacing roofs with you by discussing the cost. So that you have a better understanding of what you can expect to pay for a new roof.


In this article, you'll learn:

  • The 3 main factors that determine the cost.
  • The most popular roofing materials installed on homes in New Smyrna Beach. We're also going to show examples of these materials on homes.
  • The average cost of the top 7 roof materials installed on homes in Florida in 2023.

And we can promise you by the end of this article, you'll know the fairest answer to,  “What is the average cost for my roof in New Smyrna Beach Florida?”.  And H]hopefully, you'll be able to make a better-informed decision about your upcoming roof replacement project.

Let’s dive right into the 3 main factors that’ll impact the cost.

3 Main Factors are Used to Calculate the Cost of a Roof Replacement


The cost of replacing your roof varies depending on several factors. We'll cover the 3 main factors that are used in determining the price for you. 

  1. The type of roof material you choose to put on your home.
  2. The total square footage of your roof.
  3. The complexity or difficulty of your roof project. Such as the steepness of your roof or how high up is the roof.


It would be impossible for us to give you an exact price without knowing all the factors that go into calculating the final cost. So we'll be providing you with the average cost of a typical house in New Smyrna Beach with one of the most popular roofs of 2023. 

Asphalt shingle roof of a two story home-1Most homeowners in New Smyrna Beach can expect the cost of their roof to average between $11,200 to $17,100. This price is based on a typical 3 to 4-bedroom home, with 2 to 3 baths and a standard 2-car garage.

The GAF HDZ architectural shingles shown above are by far the most popular materials installed on residential homes in Florida.

Your price may be slightly less, but it could be a little higher. But typically it'll fall somewhere between. Depending on all the different factors that go into calculating the exact price for your roof. To get the exact cost for your roof, you need to get a local contractor in New Symrna Beach to come out to your home. They'll do an onsite inspection and take exact measurements. They'll get a list of all the components and accessories to get you a firm price. 

Ready to move forward with an onsite inspection? What are you waiting for?

image call to action, schedule an inspection


Top 7 Roof Materials Installed in New Smyrna Beach 


The roof materials you choose are one of the main determining factors that go into calculating the cost of a total roof replacement.

Below are 7 of the most popular roof materials in 2023. Along with the average cost for a roof replacement installing those roofing materials in Atlantic Beach, Florida.


  • 3-Tab shingle average cost of $7,300 to $10,600
  • Architectural shingle average cost  $11,200 to $17,100
  • Upgraded architectural shingles average cost  $13,100 to $19,000
  • Designer shingles average cost of $18,300 to $29,100
  • Screw-down metal roofs average cost of $16,500 to $31,700
  • Standing seam metal roof average cost  $27,500 to $42,300
  • Spanish tile roof average cost  $33,700 to $69,800


There are 4 different types of asphalt shingles to choose from depending on the particular style, color, or pattern that you prefer. The most popular roof materials installed in New Smyrna Beach are architectural shingles.

The level of protection you desire is an important factor in the final price. Depending on what you feel most comfortable with,  your labor warranty and the lifespan of the roof material will impact the final cost of your roof replacement project.

The 4 shingle types:

  1. 3-Tab shingles
  2. Architectural Shingles
  3. Upgraded Architectural Shingles
  4. Designer Shingles

The Average Cost for a Roof Replacement Installing a 3-Tab Shingle


3-Tab Asphalt Shingles are a cost-effective roofing option that is widely used due to their affordability, durability, and ease of installation. They are flat shingles that are comprised of 3 tabs that create a uniform look on the roof.

3-tab shingles are a good material option if you have a tight budget. And if you are ok with having the least protection during our heavy wind and rain storm events in Florida.

3 tab roof with complex valleys-Oct-05-2022-05-58-52-86-PMTo install a 3-tab shingle roof on a home with a split level or 2 or 3 stories. More complex, with a chimney or a skylight and several valleys, the average cost is $10,600

View GAF 3-tab colors here.

View Certainteed colors here.

The Cost of a Roof Replacement in New Smyrna Beach Installing an Architectural Shingle


Architectural asphalt shingles are a premium type of asphalt shingle that offers a more dimensional, textured look for a roof. They are made of multiple layers and have a thicker, sturdier construction than traditional 3-tab shingles.

Again, these are the most popular asphalt shingles installed on homes in the New Smyrna Beach area in 2023.

architectural shingle home with few valleys-2Architectural shingles on a Florida home with a split level or 2 or 3 stories. More complex, with a chimney or a skylight and several valleys, the average cost is $17,100

View GAF Architectural colors here.

View Certainteed shingle colors here.

Upgraded Architectural Shingle Average Cost in New Smyrna Beach, Florida


Upgraded architectural shingles will provide you with the same economic ease as the other shingles. The major difference is the curb appeal. Side by side with its little brother the regular architectural shingle there is a big aesthetic difference.

The upgraded architectural shingle is manufactured using more asphalt. Making it heavier in weight. The added asphalt also makes it a thicker shingle giving your roof more definition. This added definition on your roof creates pop from the street and increases your curb appeal.

Upgraded architectural shingle on complex roof-Oct-05-2022-06-00-35-86-PMInstallation of an upgraded architectural shingle on a home in Florida with a split level or 2 or 3 stories. More complex, with a chimney or a skylight and several valleys, the average cost is $19,000

View GAF Upgraded Architectural colors here.

View Certainteed Upgraded colors options here.

Average Cost for Your Roof Replacement Installing a Designer Shingle in Florida


Designer asphalt shingles are also sometimes referred to as luxury shingles. Designer or luxury shingles are specially designed to add a unique one-of-a-kind look to your home They come in a wider range of colors, patterns, and styles than traditional asphalt shingles, allowing for a more personalized and unique appearance for your home.

Their unique designs will greatly impact your curb apparel. The number one way to increase the value of our home is by adding curb appeal. More curb appeal means your beautiful home in the New Smyrna Beach area increases in value. Win-Win

designer mid-3For a designer asphalt shingle roof on a home with a split level or 2 or 3 stories. More complex, with a chimney or a skylight and several valleys, the average cost is $29,100

View GAF designer styles and colors here.

View CertainTeed's styles and colors here.

The Cost for Your New Roof Installing a Screw-Down Metal


A screw-down metal roof is also called; an agricultural panel, 5-V crimp metal roof, maxi-rib metal roof, or multi-rib metal roof. They are designed to give the look of a metal roof, however, it requires less labor. It also requires less skill or craftsmanship to install over its stronger bigger brother, the standing seam metal.

Screw down roofs, because the exposed fasteners typically will require some roof maintenance at around the 5-year mark. Because metal expands and contracts which can cause the exposed fasteners to come loose over time.

large home with screw down metal roof-3An exposed screw-down metal roof on a home with a split level or 2 or 3 stories. More complex, with a chimney or a skylight and several valleys, the average cost is $31,700

View different metal profiles and colors here.

The Cost in New Smyrna Beach for a Standing Seam Metal Roof


A standing seam metal roof is a type of metal roofing that features raised, vertical seams that connect adjacent metal panels. The panels are typically made of either aluminum, steel, or galvalume and come in various widths and lengths to suit different roofing needs. The panels are securely fastened to the roof deck with concealed clips, creating a smooth, uninterrupted appearance. 

A standing seam metal roof is one of the best roof options for any home or business in a Florida beach community. It is the top-of-the-line for metal roofing materials.

And yes, as you can see from the figures below, this roof system does come with a much greater upfront investment. It also comes with added curb appeal, the strongest wind protection, and the longest-lasting materials. Win-Win-Win.

large home with red, standing seam metal roof-1A standing seam metal roof on a home with a split level or 2 or 3 stories. More complex, with a chimney or a skylight and several valleys, the average cost is $42,300

View Standing Seam metal colors here.

Average Cost to Replace a Spanish Tile Roof in Florida


A tile roof replacement or tile roofing is sometimes referred to as a Spanish roof or a Spanish tile roof. Tile roofing is one of the premium roof materials. Tiles are designed for longevity and to appeal to a certain architectural design or style.

Typically these are installed on Mediterranean, European, Modern, and of course Spanish-style homes.

large home with tile roof that has multiple valleys-3A tile roof on a home with a split level or 2 or 3 stories. More complex, with a chimney or a skylight and several valleys, the average cost is $69,800

View Tile roofing profiles and colors here.


Now that you know the top 3 factors that impact the cost of your roof replacement. You also saw examples of the top 7 roofing materials installed in 2023 along with the average cost of those roofs. What else do you want to learn about? We want to help you become the most educated homeowner in New Smyrna Beach. So you can make a well-informed decision for your upcoming roof replacement project.

Image call to action, read the homeowners guide to roof replacement

Choosing the Right Roofing Company for Your Upcoming Roof Replacement


Here at Roofcrafters of Florida, we want to be a part of helping educate all the communities we serve. So that hopefully you feel confident along every step of the way of your roof investment journey.

We know it’s a big investment and an extremely important one at that. So we have also put together a hiring checklist. It also has some frequently asked questions, along with the answers to the questions. Hopefully, this will help guide you and make you feel confident to make a great hiring decision.

image call to action, download the top 10 checklist

Or if you'd like to save yourself time and are ready to schedule an inspection now. We would love to send one of our professional estimators out to meet you. They'll do a professional roof inspection and go over all of the products, warranties, and services we can offer you. 


Nicole Corson

At RoofCrafters, our mission is to provide job opportunities for others to thrive and grow while making a meaningful impact within our communities.