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Unlocking the Secrets of CertainTeed Landmark Pro Shingles

October , 2023 | 9 min. read

By Nicole Corson

roofer installing CertainTeed Landmark pro shingle

Time's ticking down to when your roof needs those shingles replaced, isn’t it?

Are you searching through web pages to find the perfect shingle for your upcoming roof makeover? It's like sifting through a sea of options, and we bet it's starting to feel a tad bit daunting, right?

We hear you.

The path you’re on, selecting a shingle, is pivotal. It’s not only a roof – it’s a shield, a protector of your beloved home. It’s a choice you'll live beneath and gaze upon every day. Your peace of mind, safely sheltered by a choice well-made, is the goal here.

Stucco home with a Hip and gable roof with a blended color scheme

At RoofCrafters, your decision weighs as heavily on our shoulders as it does on yours. For 30 years, we have helped many homeowners on this journey. We’ve shared knowledge, presented options, and shed light on the intricate world of roofing materials. And now, we’re here to shine that light on the CertainTeed Landmark Pro shingle for you.

In the passages that follow, we’ll unwrap both the perks and the drawbacks of choosing CertainTeed Landmark Pro shingles. Our hope? By the end, you’re equipped with knowledge, confidence, and clarity as you step closer to your roof replacement decision.

Ready to unravel the mystery of CertainTeed Landmark Pro shingles together? Let’s dive into the manufacturer first and clear the path to understanding.

CertainTeed: A Century-Old Pillar in the Roofing Industry


When diving into the world of roofing, particularly shingles, the landscape can seem vast and a bit unnavigable. Yet, several names stand tall in this expansive field, offering a beacon of reliability and quality. CertainTeed is one such name. A brand that has stood unwavering in the industry for over a century, crafting the likes of the Landmark Pro shingle, which we'll explore soon.

CertainTeed integrity roof system diagram

CertainTeed isn’t merely a manufacturer. It's an organization that has been around for over 100 years, connecting homeowners with good roofing options. Besides roofing, the brand offers many interior and exterior building products. These include siding, fence, decking, railing, trim, insulation, gypsum, and ceilings.

CertainTeed has over 60 manufacturing facilities in the US and Canada. They distribute products and maintain their reputation for quality.

Now, let's look at the construction of the Landmark Pro shingle.

Crafting Excellence: The Making of Landmark Pro Shingles


When it comes to choosing a roof, there are many different types of shingles to consider. Each type has its own benefits. The Landmark Pro shingle by CertainTeed is carefully made to protect your roof and last a long time. But how are these shingles crafted to uphold such lofty promises? Let’s peel back the layers and take a peek inside.

Image of a Landmark Pro shingle with 4 descriptions highlighting the manufacturing qualities

The Landmark Pro shingle structures itself around a sturdy fiberglass mat at its core. This base is more than just a base - it's the backbone. It gives the shingle strength and resilience, helping it resist wear and tear. It also holds up against the elements. It’s not only about toughness though. Ease of installation is also woven into its design, courtesy of NailTrak. This makes installing things easier and faster, which helps control labor costs.

Upclose image of the CertainTeed Landmark Pro shingle in Max Def Pewter

A shingle must be strong, easy to install, and resist the encroachment of nature. Introducing StreakFighter technology, a champion at preventing algae growth. It keeps your shingles looking fresh and clean for 15 years. When used with CertaSeal and QuadraBond, it seals your home completely to protect against leaks.

2-story brick home with pewter gray LandMark pro shingles and a copper roof over the front porch

And let’s not sidestep aesthetics – after all, your roof plays a pivotal role in your home’s visual appeal. The Landmark Pro shingles are available in a spectrum of colors – 17, to be precise. (though availability may vary based on location) This allows you to select a hue that complements your home’s exterior and personal style.

In the next sections, we will explore the benefits and downsides of using Landmark Pro shingles for your roof. This will help you make a better-informed decision.

Weighing Options: Landmark Pro's Strengths and Shortfalls


When deciding on a roof, it's important to weigh the pros and cons of options like CertainTeed Landmark Pro. These shingles have attractive designs, are durable, and perform well. Let's explore their curb appeal, performance, and practicality.

Curb Appeal Unveiled


Birdeye view of a CertainTeed Landmark Pro shingle of a custom home

The Landmark Pro shingles are not only about robust protection. They also bring a distinct aesthetic charm to your home with their 17 vibrant Max Def colors. These shingles look like real wood shake shingles, making your home look more attractive. Their construction is impressive. They are thicker and heavier than other upgraded shingles. This gives your roof a solid and imposing appearance.

The Asphalt Shingle Color Guide

Uncompromised Performance and Durability


Landmark Pro shingles are resilient in tough weather due to their double-layered design and top-notch fire rating. They are the heaviest shingles in the upgraded architectural class. These shingles are durable. They have a lifetime limited warranty and a 15-year StreakFighter warranty. They can also withstand winds of 130 mph.

Installation and Maintenance: The Unsung Heroes


The Landmark Pro shingles are installer-friendly for seasoned roofers. Yet, it's the installation day – the precise moment they are nailed to your home – that becomes the most critical juncture in their lifespan. Installing the shingles correctly will make them perform better and last longer.

Roofer carrying a bundle of CertainTeed Landmark pro shingles on a roof replacement

To keep these shingles in good shape, they need regular inspections and prompt repairs. This will make sure they last without any problems.

In essence, the Landmark Pro offers a blend of aesthetic appeal, steadfast performance, and durability.

Safeguarding Your Roof: Decoding CertainTeed Landmark Pro Warranties


When you invest in a new roof, it's important to consider all the details. You want to choose a roof that will last a long time and protect against the weather. Warranties, thus, become the invisible shield that guards your investment against the unforeseen.

large two-story brick home CertainTeed LandMark Pro shingle in the color of reshawn shake

CertainTeed Landmark Pro shingles offer warranties for added assurance and financial protection. Let's delve into these safety nets designed by CertainTeed.

Wind Resistance: Your Roof's Armor Against the Elements


Wind uplift is no stranger to roofing shingles, and a robust warranty is your safeguard against shingles going AWOL in a gusty encounter. With CertainTeed's Landmark Pro, you get a strong 130 MPH wind warranty for 15 years. Following their special installation instructions. In the event of shingle departure due to wind, you’re covered – no insurance claims; CertainTeed foots the bill.

The Algae Battle: Preserving Your Roof's Aesthetic Charm


Shingle roof with black algae streaks

A shingle's proximity to trees often equates to a future engagement with algae. The Landmark Pro has a 15-year StreakFighter warranty to stop black streaks. It's important to keep your roof looking nice, especially if you live in a house surrounded by lots of trees and plants.

Material Defect: The Shield Against Manufacturing Glitches


Entrusting your home’s shelter to a product comes with the hope that the material will endure. CertainTeed offers homeowners peace of mind with a lifetime material warranty. This warranty includes 50 years of non-prorated coverage for single-family residential homes. It's a potent warranty that stands guard against potential material defects, safeguarding your roof and your peace of mind.

Workmanship: Upholding Installation Integrity


Workmanship warranties oversee the installation phase and ensure precise shingle installation. They act like guardian angels. The Landmark Pro has a 25-year workmanship warranty for the way it's installed. CertainTeed 5-Star SureStart Protection guarantees the shingles will be installed correctly. No leaks for 25 years!

Transferability: Passing the Assurance Torch


And then comes the question of handover. Sell your home with a warranty. If you give the keys to someone else, CertainTeed’s Landmark Pro warranty transfers to them. The warranty is prorated and there is no transfer fee.

CertainTeed SureStart warranty chart showing coverage terms

Warranties are, in essence, the fine print that spells out the longevity and trust in your roofing choice. CertainTeed brings forth a robust lineup of warranties, each with its distinct terms and conditions. To make a good roofing decision, it's important to read and understand your requirements. This will help your roof last.

Navigating Your Roofing Journey with Confidence


When you start a roofing project, you have to make important decisions. These decisions will affect how long your roof lasts and how it looks. In this article, we explored CertainTeed Landmark Pro shingles. We discussed how they are made, their pros and cons, and the different warranties that protect your investment. By exploring the various layers of this top-notch roofing option, you can make an informed decision about your roof.

You can choose from 17 vibrant colors for your home's exterior with the Landmark Pro. It's an exciting journey to find the perfect hue. CertainTeed, a brand synonymous with quality and longevity, wraps your color choice in a bundle of assurances.

RoofCrafters will help you on your roofing journey with their 30 years of experience. We are committed to helping people make well-informed decisions. We want our community to trust and feel confident in their choices. We understand the importance of your roof. It protects your home and provides peace of mind. Our team is here to help you every step of the way. We will guide and educate you to ensure a secure and serene new roof.

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