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What Does a Metal Roof Cost in New Smyrna Beach, FL?

August , 2023 | 14 min. read

By Nick Wagner

standing metal roof on a sea foam color Florida home

So you're in the sunny paradise of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and you're ready to give your home a new metal roof makeover, right? Let's talk about the elephant in the room – the cost. Yep, we know, that thought's swirling around in your head like seagulls on the beach hunting for french fries.

Elephant in a Florida living roof with bright colors

Here's the deal – finding metal roof prices online can be trickier than navigating a beachside maze. Roofers seem to avoid the money talk like it's a game of beach dodgeball. But guess what? We're not here to leave you hanging. We're diving headfirst into the world of metal roof costs in New Smyrna Beach.

At RoofCrafters of New Smyrna Beach, we've been jazzing up roofs with shiny metal for a while—3 decades' worth of metal roofing. Our beach-loving family knows a thing or two about this stuff. So, we're taking you on a journey through the factors that sway metal roof costs – right here in the beautiful heart of Volusia County.

Elephant on the roof with an estimator measuring calculating the cost

In this article, we'll break down the nitty-gritty of three major factors affecting metal roof costs. Picture it: examples of the trendiest metal roofs keeping New Smyrna Beach homes cool and stylish. Oh, and we won't leave you hanging – we're spilling the beans on what these metal roofs cost. Ready to ride the waves of metal roof pricing? Let's dive in, beach lovers!


Unlocking Metal Roof Costs in New Smyrna Beach, FL


home with labels showing gable and roof slope

Alright, fellow sun-soakers of New Smyrna Beach, let's unravel the mystery of metal roof costs, shall we? You're probably wondering how much this awesome upgrade is gonna set you back. Well, grab your shades, and let's dive into the three big waves that determine the price tag.

Factor #1: Picking Your Metal Roof Material

Just like picking the perfect beach spot, your choice of metal roofing material matters. From sleek standing seam to charming metal tiles, there's a whole cabana of options. Each one comes with its price point, giving you the freedom to mix and match style and budget.

Factor #2: Size Matters – Your Roof's Square Footage

Think of your roof like a sandy stretch of beach – size plays a role. The bigger your roof's square footage, the more materials and labor it needs. But don't worry, we're not leaving you with just that. We've got some average costs coming your way for different-sized roofs.

Factor #3: Ride the Roof Complexity Wave

Roof steepness – it's like catching a wave. The steeper it is, the more intricate the surf. Similarly, a complex roof project with valleys and angles might take more effort. But hey, more effort doesn't mean more stress. We're diving into those costs, too.

cartoon drawing of a home showing factors that go into cost of a roof

All right, let's address the sand in your sandals – we can't give you the exact price tag without knowing all the details. But here's the scoop: we'll spill the beans on the average cost for different metal roofs on homes in our beloved New Smyrna Beach. 

Lowcountry home with a red metal roofThe average costs usually range from $16,500 to $42,300 for a typical 3 to 4-bedroom home with a standard 2-car garage. Ready to ride the wave of metal roof costs? Let's keep paddling!


The Metal Lineup in New Smyrna Beach: Exploring the Top 3


six types and colors of metal roofing

All right, folks, it's time to get a taste of the metal medley available for your New Smyrna Beach abode. While there are a total of 7 types of metal roofs out there, we're going to focus on the most popular ones – the cream of the crop. Just like picking your favorite ice cream flavor, the type and thickness of the metal you choose will play a role in your roofing journey's cost.

up close photo of a red standing seam roof with a chimney and 2 sun-tunnel skylights

Let's kick off with a quick roll call of the magnificent 7 metal materials used in roofing:

  1. Copper – The shimmering showstopper
  2. Lead – A touch of tradition
  3. Zinc – A blend of durability and elegance
  4. Terne (Tin) – Classic charm with a modern twist
  5. Aluminum – Lightweight and corrosion-resistant
  6. Steel – The rugged contender
  7. Galvalume – A steel and zinc combo for extra armor

2 story home with a galvalume metal roof

To save you some time and keep the sea breeze in your hair, we'll zone in on the top 3 metal materials that you'll spot gracing the rooftops of Florida homes. So get ready – we'll not only dish out insights about these top choices but also showcase real examples of these metal roofs adorning local homes. The metal melody is about to begin!

Nailing Down the Numbers for Screw-Down Metal Roofs in New Smyrna Beach


screw down metal

Ahoy, New Smyrna Beach homeowners! Let's dive into the world of screw-down metal roofs, sometimes known as the trusty "agricultural roof." Originally crafted for barns and warehouses, this roof type combines practicality and affordability.

You see, installing a screw-down roof is smoother sailing. This one needs less labor and offers cost-effective materials compared to its standing seam cousin. It's like getting that classic beach cruiser without the premium price tag. The only difference is the exposed fasteners, which will need a bit of TLC every 5 to 10 years.


red maxi-rib screw down ,metal roof on a brick homeFor a home with 2 straight sides, a screw-down metal roof will run you an average of $16,500. 


large home with a screw-down metal roof in Jacksonville FloridaBut, if you've got a two-story treasure or a split-level gem. The roof is complex with chimneys, skylights, and valleys, the investment might be around $29,000.

Time to keep the beach vibes alive and the screws tight! 🏖️💨

Leveling Up Your Roof with 5-V Screw-Down Metal in New Smyrna Beach


roofers installing a screw-down metal roof off a ladder

Ahoy, New Smyrna Beach homeowners! Ready to step up your roofing game with a 5-V metal roof? This style, often referred to as the trusty "barn roof," was originally designed for barns but soon made its way to farm homes. Now, it's a classic choice for traditional homes too!

Just like an unexpected wave on the beach, the 5-V metal roof caught the attention of homeowners seeking a balance of charm and affordability. Farmers loved it, and it's no surprise why. With slightly less upfront investment due to the affordable materials and labor, this roof offers the best of both worlds. Keep in mind, though, those exposed screws may need some love after 5 to 10 years.


RoofCrafters truck in the driveway of a metal roof replacement projectFor a home boasting 2 straight sides, an average cost of $19,200 is the ticket to this charming 5-V metal roof. 


2 story home with bright blue metal roofNow, if your home dances with 2 or 3 stories, with a complex roofline. With a roof featuring chimneys, skylights, and valleys, the investment could dance around $31,700.

Ready to rock that 5-V style? Let's get your roof dancing with the ocean breeze! 🏖️🏠💨

Elevating Your Home in New Smyrna Beach with a Standing Seam Metal Roof


house on a lake with zinc metal roof

Hello, New Smyrna Beach dwellers! Ready to take your roof to the next level with a standing seam metal roof? Brace yourself for an investment that'll have your home shining like the Florida sun. 🌞

Concealed Fastener being installed on standing seam metal roof

Considered the crème de la crème of metal roofs, the standing seam option is the apex of elegance and durability for your lovely abode. But, let's face it, this top-tier choice comes with a slightly larger upfront bill. Just like treating yourself to a fancier waterfront dinner, you'll be investing a bit more to enjoy the luxury.


simple standing seam roof on a Florida homeFor a home flaunting 2 straight sides, the standing seam metal roof averages around $27,500 – a stylish statement that's worth every penny. 


large split-level home with red aluminum standing seam metal roofAnd for those with multi-level stories. Intricate rooflines featuring chimneys, skylights, and valleys. Your cost may reach approximately $42,300.

Ready to turn heads with the pinnacle of metal roofing? Let's make your home the talk of the beach town with a standing seam beauty! 🏖️🏠✨

Picking the Perfect Metal Roof for Your New Smyrna Beach Oasis


Lowcountry style home with 5v crimp metal roof

Choosing the right metal roof for your NSB sanctuary requires some thoughtful consideration. After all, your choice will define the look and protection of your coastal haven. 🌴🏠

Here are some key factors to ponder as you set out to make your metal roofing decision:

1. Longevity: Your roof is your home's shield against the elements, and metal roofs are renowned for their impressive lifespan. Whether it's the salty air or the Florida sun, your metal roof should stand tall for years to come.

2. Durability: Sturdy and resilient, metal roofs laugh in the face of wear and tear. Storms, rain, and even the occasional Florida hail won't stand a chance against your metal fortress.

3. Wind Resistance: New Smyrna Beach knows a thing or two about gusty winds. Opt for a metal roof that's built to withstand beach breezes without breaking a sweat.

Galvalume standing seam metal roof with hips and valleys on a stucco home with a 2 car garage

4. Maintenance: Who wants to spend their weekends on roof chores? Choose a metal roof that requires minimal maintenance, giving you more time to soak up the sun.

5. Tree Coverage: The lush foliage of New Smyrna Beach can be heavenly, but falling branches can be a hassle. A durable metal roof can handle Mother Nature's leafy gifts with grace.

6. Energy Efficiency: The Florida sun can be fierce, but a metal roof can help keep your home cooler and your energy bills in check.

7. Desired Curb Appeal: Your home deserves to stand out amidst the coastal charm of New Smyrna Beach. Pick a metal roof that not only offers protection but also complements the unique beauty of your home.

black steel metal standing seam roof on a beautiful home with lots of trees

Making the right choice for your metal roof is like finding the perfect seashell on the beach – it adds beauty and protection to your haven by the waves. Let's make sure your New Smyrna Beach abode is crowned with the ideal metal roof that suits your coastal lifestyle! 🐚🏖️🏠

RoofCrafters: Your Trusted Partner for Metal Roofing in New Smyrna Beach


cartoon image of the elephant in the RoofCrafters truck being hauled away

In the heart of New Smyrna Beach, where coastal dreams take shape, choosing the perfect metal roofing partner is paramount. Your metal roof is not just a shield; it's a reflection of your vision of your seaside haven. 🏖️🏡

With 30 years of experience under our belts, the RoofCrafters team is here to guide you on this exciting journey. We understand that your metal roof choice isn't just about style – it's about making a smart investment that adds value to your home.

RoofCrafters of Florida team of estimators

Our expert estimators at RoofCrafters have walked alongside homeowners like you. Helping them find the ideal metal roof and color to capture their vision. We'd be honored to do the same for you. Let's create a metal roof that not only shields your sanctuary but also showcases your New Smyrna Beach paradise in all its coastal splendor. 🌊🌴🏖️

image call to action, schedule an inspection

While the choice is ultimately yours, what truly matters is finding a partner who shares your commitment to quality. Your metal roof is a lifelong investment, and you deserve the best craftsmanship and expertise in town. 🌅

Whether you decide to embark on this journey with us or explore other avenues, the key is to choose a contractor who aligns with your goals. For a surefire way to ensure you're making the right choice. Don't miss our free downloadable checklist – your ticket to a well-crafted and worry-free metal roof adventure. 🛠️🏠

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Nick Wagner

My name’s Nick Wagner, and I was born in Linz, Austria, and raised in Florida. In recent years, my involvement and experience as a law enforcement officer has allowed me to develop a keen familiarity with my community, and I am now eager to assist as part of the RoofCrafters family. During my off-time, I enjoy jet skiing, reading, web designing, and spending time with my two children, Payton and Paul.