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Discover the Best Metal Roofs for Sunshine State Living

October , 2023 | 10 min. read

By Nick Wagner

standing metal roof on a sea foam color Florida home

Are you living in Florida and tired of the rough weather beating down on your house? Choosing the right roof is super important here! You might be asking, “What's the best roof to stand up to all this crazy weather?” or “Is a metal roof worth it?” Don't worry, we get it, and we’re here to help you out.

We’re RoofCrafters! We've been working with roofs in Florida for over 30 years, facing hurricanes and learning all about what works best here. We know Florida’s weather is special, and we help folks like you find the right roof—one that lasts long and fits your budget.

galvalume standing seam on home with board and batten siding

In this piece, we'll talk about the best metal roofs out there, their good sides, and their not-so-good sides. We’ll see how they hold up against Florida’s wild weather. We’ll chat about the best colors for these roofs and tackle some big questions and worries people have about them—like cost and how to put them on right.

Ready to find out all about metal roofs and see if they're right for your home? Let’s jump in and get you all the info you need!

Top Metal Roofing Option in Florida


When it comes to the pinnacle of metal roofing in Florida, the title goes to Aluminum Standing Seam Roofing. Why, you ask? An Aluminum Standing Seam Roof is the best in Florida because it can handle saltwater and strong winds. It also has the longest lifespan out of the 3 most popular metal materials. This makes it the top choice for Florida homeowners wanting metal.

large home with colonial red, aluminum standing seam metal roof

Living in a state where the weather has a mind of its own, having a roof that can withstand the elements while offering optimal protection is crucial. Aluminum Standing Seam Roofing does that! It will bear the brunt of the unpredictable Florida weather, making it a top pick for those wanting peace of mind.

Now, while Aluminum Standing Seam may be the crown jewel, it’s essential to know all your metal roofing options. Each offers unique benefits, allowing you to weigh and choose what fits your needs and preferences best.

Unveiling Superior Choices for Florida Homeowners


When considering a metal roof in the Sunshine State, it’s crucial to know your options. Metal roofing isn’t one-size-fits-all, and what you choose can impact how well your home fares in Florida’s unique climate. Let’s explore the 3  major players in the world of metal roofing: Aluminum, Galvalume, and Steel.

Aluminum Roofs


large modern home with standing seam hip roof

Pros: Aluminum is lightweight and resistant to corrosion and rust, making it a long-lasting option. It’s especially suitable for coastal areas where salt water can be corrosive to other materials.

Cons: Aluminum costs more than steel or galvalume. While durable, aluminum is also softer than steel and can be prone to denting or oil canning.

Galvalume Roofs


standing seam galvalume metal roof with valleys-1

Pros: Galvalume is a combination of steel, aluminum, and zinc coating. This provides excellent protection against corrosion. It has a longer life span than regular galvanized steel.

Cons: Galvalume can be susceptible to scratches and, if left untreated, can corrode over time at the scratched area.

Steel Roofs


beige stucco home with cultured stone and burgundy standing seam metal roof

Pros: Steel is strong and comes with a protective paint coating to resist rust. It can withstand high winds, making it an ideal choice for hurricane-prone areas.

Cons: Steel can be heavier than other options and may rust if installed close to saltwater. It can corrode if its paint layer is compromised.

Each of these options comes with its unique set of benefits and challenges. Choosing the right one for your home involves considering your specific needs, location, and budget. Knowing your options empowers you to make the best decision for your Florida home.

A Shield Against Florida’s Extreme Weather


Living in Florida provides for some exciting weather! Mother Nature throws her worst at us, with hurricanes, downpours, heatwaves, and lightning shows. But, fear not! Metal roofs are like superheroes for your home, protecting it from extreme weather. Let’s dive into how metal roofs brave each of these challenges, standing as unwavering guardians of your castle.

Hurricanes: The Metal Shield Standing Strong Against the Wind


one house standing after hurricane Michael hit Florida's coast.

When the winds howl and the storms rage, the resilience of a metal roof becomes the unsung hero for homes in Florida. These roofs are steadfast shields against the relentless and devastating forces of hurricanes. Engineers design metal roofs to withstand the fiercest winds and safeguard your sanctuary.

Heavy Rainfall: A Metal Guard Against the Relentless Downpour


animated waterfall

In a state where the skies often open with a relentless pour, the need for a roof that repels every drop is imperative. A metal roof is the guardian against this never-ending battle with blowing rains. Every drop is deflected and every vulnerable spot is sealed with a metal roof.

Lightning: A Beacon of Safety in Electric Storms


A question we often encounter is, “Will a metal roof attract lightning?” It’s a valid concern, but let’s clarify: metal roofs do not increase the likelihood of a lightning strike. In fact, they are safer than other roofing materials during a lightning storm. If lightning does strike, the energy dissipates over the entire roof, reducing the risk of fire or damage.

lightening in the sky with a Florida city scape in front

Here is the science. Lightning is a quick release of electricity in the atmosphere. It tends to hit the tallest thing nearby, but it doesn't like materials in houses or roofs. If a metal roof does get hit by lightning, it is less prone to catching fire compared to traditional roofing materials. Metal conducts electricity and spreads the charge across the roof to prevent fire hazards.

Color Choices for Metal Roofs in Florida


Choosing the color of your metal roof is crucial in Florida's hot and sunny climate. We get it. It's not only about the look, but also about energy efficiency, longevity, and the ability to withstand the elements.

Mill Finish Galvalume and Energy-efficient Colors


galvalume standing seam roof on a home

Mill finish Galvalume is a top choice, renowned for its superior protection against corrosion and the elements. It combines steel with aluminum and zinc coating to offer appeal over time. Its reflective properties are effective in bouncing back the sun’s rays, reducing heat within the home.

metal roof color chart

Choose energy-efficient colors like white, light gray, and metallic paint to reduce heat absorption. Using these colors can reflect more sun rays, keeping your living spaces cooler and reducing air conditioning use.

Color Fading Concerns


While vibrant and striking, colors like reds and greens have their drawbacks. They tend to fade faster under the relentless Florida sun. This fading can detract from the aesthetic appeal of your home over time. To counteract this, it is advisable to opt for high-quality paints with UV protection. You can also choose colors that stay vibrant, such as lighter and metallic shades.

Lowcountry home with a red metal roof

Choosing the right color for your metal roof is important. It makes it look good and helps with energy efficiency. This is especially true in Florida, where there is a lot of sun and storms.

Addressing Concerns: Challenges with Metal Roofs


When considering metal roofing, it is important to address the common concerns and myths surrounding it. Knowledge and understanding of these issues can help in making an informed and confident decision.

Initial Cost and Value Perception


graph showing an increase in savings

Metal roofs may seem pricey at first, which can discourage potential buyers who prefer cheaper options. Yet, it’s crucial to look beyond the initial investment. Metal roofs offer unparalleled durability and can last up to 50 years or more, offering exceptional value over time. When you invest in a metal roof, you are investing in the safety and value of your home. This will save you money on repairs, replacements, and energy bills in the long term.

Installation Errors: The Real Culprit


Concealed Fastener being installed on standing seam metal roof

Often, any failures associated with metal roofs can be traced back to installation errors, not the metal itself. We cannot overstate the importance of precise, professional installation. A poorly installed metal roof can lead to a multitude of problems, undermining the inherent benefits of metal as a roofing material.

To make sure your metal roof lasts a long time and works well, it's important to hire experienced professionals. They can avoid mistakes that often happen during installation. Remember, it’s never the metal that fails—it’s the installation. When done right, a metal roof is a formidable guardian for your home against the harsh Florida weather.

Concluding Thoughts: Secure a Stronghold with the Best Metal Roofing


When choosing a roof in Florida, Aluminum Standing Seam Roofing is the best option. It is strong, efficient, and looks great. Yet, it's important to note that selecting the correct roofing material is only the first step. The careful installation process is what enhances the quality of any type of roof.

Our family at RoofCrafters has been putting on top-quality metal roofs in Florida for over 30 years. We know how to handle the challenges of installation and Florida's weather. We strive to empower homeowners with not only robust roofing solutions but also with the knowledge to make good decisions about them.

If you’re thinking about a new roof or looking to upgrade, remember the benefits of going with metal. And when you’re ready, we're here to help you along every step of the way.

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