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Will My Property Be Damaged During a Roof Replacement?

May , 2023 | 6 min. read

By Kevin Mills

beautiful home with new roof

Roof replacements are no small task! The process requires a lot of resources and space, which can leave you worrying if you'll sustain any damages. If you've invested a lot of time and effort in renovating and upgrading your landscaping, you may feel especially uneasy. The thought of your gorgeous flower beds and patio needing to be replaced after your roof causes many homeowners to feel like they don't have the upper hand (and we totally get it.)

Because of the potential for destruction, this is a common concern that buzzes around when the time for roof replacement arrives. While the possibility is there, find comfort in knowing that there are several measures you can take to ensure your home isn't even remotely harmed during a roof replacement. At RoofCrafters, we know how significant roof repairs and replacements are for the home, and we believe they should be done right. After nearly thirty years on the job, we know they make all the difference!

This article discusses some of the options that you can suggest to your roofing contractor, and doing so will help keep your home from falling victim to fallen roof debris (and will make you feel much better about the whole thing.) By the time you finish reading, you'll know exactly what to do to protect your assets from your roof replacement!

A Note on Tarping


roofers placing tarp

When a roof is being replaced, contractors often use tarps to protect the surrounding landscape and plants. They secure the tarp around the base of the home, angling it from the roof's edge to the ground. This way, any debris or materials from the roof replacement will slide down the tarp, keeping your grass and flower beds safe. Tarping is an effective method that allows you to relax during the roof replacement, knowing that your landscape will be well-protected throughout the process.

In addition to protecting the landscape, the tarp can also be used to cover your swimming pool during the roof replacement. Even tiny pieces of fiberglass or debris falling from the roof can get stuck in the pool's filter, potentially damaging the pump and causing inconvenience. By placing a tarp over the pool, especially if you don't have a sturdy pool cover, you ensure an important safety measure is in place to prevent any issues during the project.

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Vehicles and Roofing Supplies: Where Are They Stationed?


crane loading materials on a 3-story roof with a RoofCrafters truck and trailer in the driveway

You should advise your roofing contractors to park their vehicles on paved surfaces, such as your driveway. Although professional contractors are likely to be mindful of your property, communicating this preference ensures they understand your concern. Using the driveway can help protect your lawn from tire tracks and depressions, maintaining its appearance. Additionally, this practice safeguards your sprinkler systems, septic tanks, and power lines, keeping them secure during the roofing project.

But that’s not all! There are several other measures you can adopt to be extra careful. Below are 3 tips you can keep in mind:

Attic Protection Measures 


roof replacement in progress with tarps on the landscaping

Roof replacement includes a complete tear-off of your old materials, which can produce a lot of dust. The dust can end up in your attic storage area. Moreover, not only is the hammering and nailing process loud during shingle installation, but it can also further add to the debris (combined with a fall out of wood splinters.) If your attic isn’t cleared out or covered, everything that you have stored up there can be covered with construction dust, making it a mess to clean up later. For this, a plastic covering or tarp on your attic ceiling can help. This will collect all the fallout and make the cleanup process easy-peasy!

Clear Your Deck Area


back of a modern residential home with a flat roof

When it comes to your patio and deck, you want to make sure everything gets cleared and moved out of the way. Feel free to ask your contractor if they will assist in this process – though most contractors usually do this for you. A well-designed and furnished patio is what gives your property a boost in value and brings your home to life! You don’t want to compromise on having it damaged in any way.

Remove any hanging items such as potted plants and wall décor to minimize the risk of falling and breaking. For items that cannot be moved such as a grill connected to your gas line, a plywood shelter can be made to cover it up. Once the roof replacement process is complete, everything can be placed back to where it was.

Prep Your Landscape


trees leaning on roof

To make the process easier and faster, you might want to prune your trees if they hang low on your roof. Trimming them before the contractor starts the work is often recommended by experts to protect your foliage. In addition, trimming the grass a day before the work begins can help make cleanup easier in case anything does fall on your lawn. Be sure to point out any special shrubs or flowers that you want to protect!

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Gearing Up for Your Roof Replacement: Is Your Property Protected?


Remember- roof replacements are a costly investment meant to help keep your home protected. We know you don't want any additional damage to your property that can add to repair costs!

An investment such as this should be done with great care and consideration. So, before getting started, voice your concerns to your local roofing contractor. Having a meaningful conversation about roof replacement protection procedures is an indication of a skillful and professional roofing contractor.

To understand the rest of the roofing process, check out our "Homeowners Guide to Roof Replacement." It’s a free guide that’ll surely help you better understand what goes into replacing a roof! And then, with all your research done and out of the way, you should now be ready to sit back and have your lovely new roof installed without any worries! Drop us a line to discuss any of your roofing concerns. One of our RoofCrafters representatives will get back to you ASAP!

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Kevin Mills

My name is Kevin Mills, and I am the lead estimator for RoofCrafters’ Tampa division. I’m originally from Michigan, and I enjoy hunting, fishing, and spending any free time outdoors. What I’m most passionate about, though, is helping business owners and homeowners alike achieve their roofing goals, all while providing a seamless customer journey.