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What Happens if I Ignore My Damaged Roof?

February , 2023 | 7 min. read

By Anthony Marzbanian

Roofing systems are an essential part of every home (but we don't need to tell you that, do we?) The truth is, what we see on the outside of a roof only scratches the surface of what's underneath. Roofing systems are made up of several elements that help them perform their duties. 

So, what happens if it's damaged? Even if the damages are minor and easily fixed, when they're ignored, more profound issues can arise. We know that tending to your roof isn't the first thing on your mind, even on a day when you're doing nothing. Making sure your roof is maintained and receives repairs is vital, though. It isn't just important for the roof itself- it's crucial for the rest of the home.

Here at RoofCrafters, we've repaired and replaced damaged roofing systems since 1993. If anyone's seen the harm that can occur on neglected roofs, it's us. While it may seem a bit dramatic, once you see for yourself what can happen to a roof that's been neglected, it may not seem that simple. 

This article covers all the bases on what can happen to your roof if you don't care for it. Making sure you have a healthy roof is essential for the vitality of the home, and we're happy to share what we know with you! By the time you're finished reading, hopefully, you'll think twice about overlooking those missing shingles or cracks. 

Will Ignoring Roof Damage Have Long-Term Effects?  


The short answer is yes- putting off much-needed repairs or replacements will have both short and long-term adverse effects on you and your home. What you must know is, you have to take care of your roof just as much as any other essential part of your home. What are some of the effects ignored roof damage can have on your home (and wallet?)

Water Damage 


This is one of the most common roof damages and can hurt more than just your roofing system. If your roof springs a leak, even if it's small, it will spread over time. Just like a sponge absorbs water, wood and other materials allow it to seep through if the problem isn't taken care of. 

roof damage-1-1

Water damage causes much more than just soaked materials, though. Like moths to flames, water attracts mold and mildew. If you have this deadly combination ravaging your home, you'll have much bigger problems to solve over time. If you notice a leak, have it looked at and fixed as soon as possible. Leaks cause a chain reaction that quite literally trickles down from your roof to other parts of your home. If you consider your living areas a sacred place, don't let leaks take over! 

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Shingle Impairment 


During high winds and other harsh weather, shingles have a tendency to fly out of place or crack. While it may not seem serious to replace a few shingles, it's necessary. Shingles moved out of place also attract leaks because they're no longer protecting the area they were placed on. Damaged shingles make your home more vulnerable to more extreme events like fire, as well. Walk around your home and inspect the shingles after you have thunderstorms/hurricanes to be sure those shingles are functioning as they should. 

Shingle blistering 

Insulation Damage 


Wet or broken insulation leaves your home vulnerable to the outside world. Mold and mildew, increased energy costs, and more come from this issue if it isn't assessed. Always have your roof evaluated by a professional roofer if you suspect something is amiss, even if it seems small! 


Creepy Crawlies


Anyone who lives in or owns a home knows what it's like to have unwanted visitors. Cracks and holes are invitations for insects (and even small animals) to come in and scope the place out. Some insects are also challenging to remove, especially those that like to live in tiny, dark places. Mice are notorious for taking over homes if they're given a chance, and yes, many do come in through the roofing system. If you notice any openings on your roof, even small ones, let your roofer know. While insects are cute and necessary for our every ecosystem, most of us don't want them living as they please inside our homes. 

insect on fence post

High Energy Bills


If you have an extensively damaged roof, it's likely that it needs to be insulating your home better. If your home loses heat during winter and gains more heat during summer, your energy bill could cost more than it should. If you're noticing a sudden increase in your energy bill, take a look at your roof. If you're overdue for a replacement, consider having one installed by your professional roofer. 

bill money

Your Home's Life Expectancy 


Like humans and any other creature, roofing systems have a life expectancy. If you glaze over essential repairs and replacements, that life expectancy will go down. Most roofs should last between 15-30 years if they're well taken care of. Ignoring issues like leaks and cracks will ensure the fast track to your roof needing replacement earlier than expected. 

two story home with 3 tab shingles-Oct-05-2022-06-01-26-31-PM

More Than You Bargained For? Roof Replacement 


Letting a roof issue go on for too long could even make what was supposed to be a simple repair turn into a complete replacement. We know money doesn't grow on trees, so we highly suggest having repairs and maintenance done before it's too late.

before and after a new asphalt shingle roof replacement

Letting a leak (or multiple) go on for years can cause severe damage to more than just your roof, and if your roof can't be saved, you'll need a brand new one. Roof replacements aren't cheap and are actually one of the most expensive things you'll ever have to buy for your home. Make sure yours lasts as long as it possibly can- maintain it and have repairs done by a trusted roofing professional. 

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Does Your Roof Need Some Attention? 


It might! If you have a suspicion that your roof needs some TLC, go take a look at it. If you see anything that needs servicing, find a local, trusted roofer to perform an inspection. Remember- not all roofers are made equal. Do your research and find a roofing contractor that'll give you the repairs or replacement you deserve. 

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Okay, so you've learned what can happen if you don't take care of your roof properly. What's next? If there's a specific issue you'd like to read up on to learn more about, check out our learning center. You may learn a thing or two! After you've decided you may need your roof serviced, check out our comprehensive roofer checklist to determine what you need to look for in a contractor. And if you're ready to get in touch with one of our excellent RoofCrafters representatives, head over to our contact page.

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Anthony Marzbanian

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