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Roof Repair | Roof Replacement

By: Josh Powell
August 3rd, 2022

Getting a roof repair or installation can be daunting. There’s a lot that needs to be done to make sure your roofing project is successful, but there’s not a lot of information on the internet that breaks it all down for you. Sure, you can understand that some people are going to show up in a truck with some ladders, hammers, and nails, but what else happens in the meantime?

Video | Financing

By: Kyle Conaway
August 2nd, 2022

A roof replacement can be an unexpected and expensive project.

GAF Master Elite Contractor

By: Cassie Findley
August 1st, 2022

When it comes to choosing the right company to complete your next roofing project, the multitude of options available can be daunting. To most homeowners, the professional, expertly trained contractors can be pricey, and it can be hard to work your schedule around their availability. Whereas Cousin Jimmy and the Tank-Top Crew claim that they can complete your project at not only a cheaper price but at your earliest convenience. Who do you choose?

Roof Storm Damage

By: Anthony Marzbanian
July 29th, 2022

It's summertime in the Southeast, and we all know what that means; the rainy season is officially among us. With downpours and windstorms often come roof damage, and generally speaking, there's just no way around it. Any weather-related damage to your home or property can bring with it the stress and added burden of putting it all back together. The cost needed for a roof repair may, in some cases, reach very high amounts, especially if the entire roof needs to be replaced due to severe storm damage.

By: Anthony Marzbanian
July 28th, 2022

If your roof is worn out and you are looking for the best asphalt shingle for your home, you have come to the right place.

steep slope roof | low slope roof

By: Marty Peterson
July 27th, 2022

Not all roofs are built the same. No, that’s not a dig at your previous roofing contractor, I swear. Structurally speaking, each type of roof has its unique composition. A gable roof is built differently than a mansard roof, just as a saltbox roof is built differently from a butterfly roof, and so forth. You get the picture.

metal roof | pricing

By: Kyle Conaway
July 26th, 2022

If you are in the market for a metal roof, both of those are great questions.

hurricane roof preparation

By: Cassie Findley
July 25th, 2022

Florida is world-renowned for its sunny and warm climate, white sand beaches, and attractions such as Disney World, the Kennedy Space Center, and of course everyone’s favorite, Margaritaville. What Jimmy Buffett forgot to mention though was how bad hurricane season can get here in the Orange State.

roof installation | Roof Replacement | roof tear-off

By: Dillon Chancey
July 25th, 2022

Home maintenance requires a lot of time and effort. It often takes up a large portion of our bank balance.   In this regard, a roof replacement is one of the more common home renovation projects that can take place. This is because of the wear and tear and damage roofs can experience during harsh weather conditions. Many homeowners know all the tips and tricks needed to ensure a stress-free and a great roof replacement experience.   However, if you are new and never had a roof on a home replaced and you are wondering or concerned about staying home or maybe you are asking yourself if leaving during the process is a better idea to avoid all the noise and chaos of construction. Let’s discuss this more.

Roof Repair | Roof Replacement

By: Kevin Mills
July 24th, 2022

Roof replacement or roof repair?   This is a question many homeowners just like you end up asking their roofing contractor after we have done the inspection of the roof leak or damaged area.   The answer can depend on multiple factors. Your budget on hand, the extent of the damage, the condition and age of the existing roofing materials on your home. Figuring out which one to pick isn’t as easy as picking out fruit from your local grocery store. It requires some thought, careful planning, research and some faith in your contractor.   Your contractor of choice needs to be able to make a great repair and provide you with a warranty against any future leaks to the area that they will be repairing. This last part is the most important thing as it comes to protecting your home and your money. If we can not give you a good warranty for the repair then we will not offer that as a solution.