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Decoding Roof Replacement Costs: Navigating Price and Quality

January , 2024 | 9 min. read

By Nicole Corson

Beautiful brick home with asphalt shingles

The price of your next roof is the undisputed elephant in the room in every home service-based industry, right?

Truthfully, we believe the roofing industry may be one of the worst industries for hiding behind the cost. With over 150,000 roofing companies registered here in the United States, we can’t find anyone who wants to be transparent and list their prices on their websites!

Come on, guys. Can’t we just put our prices online like Amazon, Zillow, or real estate companies selling houses? Even car dealerships list their prices! If you claim to be an expert in your field, it only makes sense to be honest about pricing, right? What do you think?  

We have hundreds of thousands of roofing jobs, yet very few want to disclose costs without an "onsite inspection" or "appointment." Luckily, here at RoofCrafters, we don't shy away from being sincere when talking money- and we haven't in our thirty years of business. 

In this article, you'll learn 3 very important things about roofs, including what to expect when you purchase cheap vs. quality roofing and their cost differences. By the time you finish reading, hopefully, you'll be more confident in your upcoming roof replacement decision! Let's begin!

What Does Cheap Roofing Entail?


To be clear, buying a cheap roof does not mean it will be "bad" or faulty. Undoubtedly, the main benefit that comes with buying a cheap roof is your upfront investment, right? With a cheaper roof, you'll still get new materials that will protect your home and you won't have one that leaks. The roofing materials that you ultimately decide to go with for your home, whether asphalt shingles, a metal roof, or tiles are only one of the many components that make up your complete roofing system.

Understanding the Compromises in Low-Cost Roofing Solutions


Now, let's talk about what happens with low-cost roofs. Some roofing companies mix different brands of products, which means you might not get a complete roof system. A complete roof system includes a material and labor warranty from a single manufacturer. This is important to understand. To make the roof as affordable as possible, some roofing companies use the cheapest components.

old plastic pipe flashing with dry rotted gasket around the pipe

In some cases, they even reuse existing parts like your old pipe vents and other critical flashings. They might also skip important components such as metal eave drip, roof-to-wall flashings, and proper attic ventilation in their quotes for complete roof replacements.

a dormer on a shingle roof with loose flashing

This is how a roofing contractor can take shortcuts and offer lower prices. The other essential factor in buying a new roof is the installation or (your contractor's workmanship.) Think about it like this: When your car has a problem, do you look for a regular person on Craigslist to fix it, or do you take it to a certified mechanic?

Roofing installers are similar to car mechanics. We have two types – the regular ones who don't have formal training and the certified ones who are highly trained and keep learning from the manufacturers every year. Ever heard of a "shade tree" roofer?

  • Shade Tree = No Formal or Professional Training
  • Certified Installer = Manufacturer Trained with Annual Continuation of Mastering Skills

Getting your roofing done by someone who's trained and certified is much better. Certified roofers also earn more than untrained roofers. If you pick a cheap roofing quote, you might end up with lower-quality materials and installation.

Personally, as a homeowner, what matters to me is the whole experience. It's about how professional and honest they are, and how well they communicate with you from the start to the end. If you're okay with not having good materials, no warranty, or not talking with the roofing crew while they work, then a cheap roof might be right for you.

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To understand more about the difference between a cheap and a valuable roof, keep reading.


What Does High-Quality Roofing Entail?


When you choose a professional roofing company that uses high-quality materials and certified installers, you might need to wait longer to get your roof scheduled. They're usually busier, so they have a longer backlog.

4 man shingle crew installing a new roof

On the other hand, roofing companies that offer cheaper quotes don't think about all the things needed to run a roofing business correctly. Things like taxes, overhead, insurance, and profit. Employee benefits and safety.

What does this mean for you? This means they may not be around.

You might think, "That's not my concern." But what if we shared this with you?

It's a well-known fact that more than 85% of roofing companies close down before their third year, and a huge 90% of them don't make it past their fifth year in business. You can check these stats on Google! So, if you hire a cheap roofer, there's a chance they might not be around if you have a roof issue later on. 

man drinking coffee inside with an umbrella, pots and pans catching roof leaks

Roof problems usually don't pop up right after you get a new roof, and therein lies the issue. They show up later, after time and weather changes. Roofs expand and contract with the seasons, and that's when we find out if the installers did a good job.

rotten plywood damage at a valley transition of a roof

Fixing a leaky roof can cost between $750 and $3,800 on average. So, if you have roof problems and don't get a manufacturer's warranty, you'll need to pay for the repairs yourself. This is if the local roofing contractor you hired doesn't honor their workmanship warranty or if they're no longer in business.

Now, here’s what you can expect going with a valuable roof quote:

  • Higher-quality Roofing Materials
  • Manufacturer’s Material and Workmanship Warranty 
  • Professionalism
  • Direct Communication with Your Job Supervisor
  • Post-production Services
  • Peace of Mind

Now that we have discussed some of the main differences between a cheap roof and a valuable roof covered, let's discuss cost differences.

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The Cost Differences Between Cheap Roofing and Valuable Roofing


The cost of getting a new roof can vary, but three main things decide how much it'll be:

  1. The kind of material you pick 
  2. The size of the roof
  3. The difficulty or complexity of the project. 

Unfortunately, I can't give you an exact price without knowing all these details. But I can give you the average cost for a few different types of homes with different roofs, from cheap to valuable.

Single story home with 3 tab shinglesFor a 3-tab shingle roof on a home with 2 straight sides and no chimneys or skylights, the average cost with a valuable roof system is $7,300. For the same home with a cheap roof, the average cost is $6,500.


simple architectural shingle roofFor an architectural shingle roof on a home with 2 straight sides and no chimneys or skylights, the average cost with a valuable roof system is $11,200. For the same home with a cheap roof, the average cost is $10,000.


simple screw down metal roofFor a screw-down metal roof on a home in 2024 with 2 straight sides and no chimneys or skylights, the average cost for a valuable roof system is $19,200. For the same home with a cheap roof, the average cost is $17,000.


simple standing seam metal roofFor a standing seam metal roof on a home with 2 straight sides and no chimneys or skylights, the average cost for a valuable roof system is $27,000. For the same home with a cheap roof, the average cost is $23,500.

To see more options, check out: The Cost of a New Roof: Top 7 Roofing Materials 

Making the Smart Choice: Selecting the Right Roofing Contractor


Selecting the right roofing contractor is crucial. It is a crucial step towards protecting your home and ensuring your investment is sound. We hope this article has illuminated the key differences. Opting for cheaper roofing options is different from investing in quality. At RoofCrafters, our commitment to excellence has served homeowners for over three decades. We provide durable, aesthetically pleasing roofing solutions. We back them with lifetime warranties for your peace of mind.

Ready to take the next step? Click the "schedule an inspection" button below to connect with our expert team. Still pondering your options? Remember, whether you're ready to move forward or still weighing your choices, our RoofCrafters family is here to guide you every step of the way.

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Nicole Corson

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