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Why is My Roofer Using a Drone?

June , 2023 | 6 min. read

By Kevin Mills

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Drones- you may think of the military or testing one out in your backyard for fun, but they have many other purposes people often haven't considered. These handy little tools are beneficial in numerous industries, including roofing! 

Imagine your roof is on the brink of collapse and desperately needs an inspection. While roofers are equipped to climb up there and have a look, drones are drastically safer and act sort of like your *small* eyes on the inside. They see things that are easy to miss. But what else is there to know about them? 

RoofCrafters has been a name in roofing for nearly thirty years. Times are changing, and with that, new technology makes its way onto the scene- offering opportunities to help make roofers' jobs a bit easier. This article covers the reason your roofer may use a drone, along with their noted benefits. By the time you finish reading, you'll know drone technology on a broader spectrum. Let's go! 

Drones in Roofing Explained   


My roofer pulled out his drone. What's that about?

Embrace the power of cutting-edge technology! With drones sporting top-notch cameras, capturing detailed images of roofs from different angles has become an essential tool for roofers to utilize. This innovative approach to roof inspection allows for identifying hidden damage or wear that might escape the naked eye from ground level.

drone flying in sky

The utilization of drones for roofing inspections is rising as their capability to capture detailed images of a roof's surface from different perspectives becomes more recognized. With advanced high-resolution cameras, drones offer a comprehensive aerial view of the roof, enabling inspectors to detect damage or signs of deterioration that are tough to spot! In a typical roofing inspection, a drone navigates over the roof, capturing high-definition images and videos of the entire surface.

By analyzing the images taken by the drone, it becomes possible to detect various roofing issues, including cracked or missing shingles, areas with wear and tear, and indications of water damage. Drones are especially valuable when inspecting expansive or intricate roofs on commercial or industrial structures. With their ability to swiftly and effectively cover vast areas, they contribute to a more precise and time-efficient assessment of the roof's condition. How's that for productivity?!

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The Benefits of Drones in Roofing 


Drones are quite the tool, boasting several benefits to homeowners and roofers alike. From eliminating risky inspections to saving money, it's no wonder they're becoming more popular. 

Easier Inspections


Drone technology enables roof estimators to assess a roof's condition without physically climbing up. By flying the drone above the house, they can capture photos or video footage of the roof's situation before safely bringing the drone back down. This method provides a quick and secure way to conduct roof inspections, taking only a few minutes. Implementing drone technology minimizes liability and reduces the risk of potential lawsuits for homeowners and roofers.

roofer checking the flashing on a wall

During roof inspections, roofers usually work in small teams or individually. However, setting up ladders on unstable ground to examine challenging areas poses significant risks. Even experienced roofing professionals are vulnerable to falls, and the potential danger escalates without proper assistance.

In numerous instances, roofs needing inspection are in a deteriorated condition either due to severe storms or years of erosion. Using drones for inspections, roofers can identify vulnerable areas without compromising their safety or well-being before attempting to access the roof.

The Itch You Can't Scratch 


Numerous homes feature roofs with sharp corners and angled window ledges that are challenging to access using conventional inspection equipment. However, by flying drones, inspectors can navigate these problematic areas and obtain a clear view of the necessary repair or maintenance work.

It's All in the Details 


The availability of software for drone data assessment has dramatically reduced the need for "guesswork" and repetitive measurements. With this software, aerial photos taken by drones can be used to create diagrams, enabling accurate estimates based on the design. Creating highly detailed blueprints takes significantly less time now, giving homeowners more confidence and satisfaction.

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The software used in drone technology goes beyond simple 2D scanning. It enables the examination of various aspects of the roofing system, including peaks, ridges, valleys, and pitch, providing precise measurements of the total square footage. These areas are often challenging to access and measure accurately. Additionally, the software allows for collecting information about other roofing elements, such as gutters, walls, and even windows!

Can You See It Now? 


Roofs play a vital role in any home, providing shelter and protection for you and your valuable belongings against the elements. Roof replacements can be financially demanding, and homeowners need They want to ensure that they are well-informed about where their knowledge of where their funds are going. 

In the past, homeowners had to depend on only descriptions and photographs provided by roofing contractors to assess the condition of their roofs. However, with the introduction of drones, a new perspective has emerged! Drones can capture aerial images and videos, allowing homeowners to view their entire roof and accurately identify the necessary repairs or maintenance.

This detailed view gives homeowners a clearer understanding of the required roofing work, instilling confidence that their investment is worth it.

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Time and Money: Saved!


Conventional approaches to roof inspection and design involve the laborious task of setting up ladders to measure and evaluate the roof's condition correctly. Sometimes, these measurements need to be repeated multiple times to ensure accuracy. The data gathered from these measurements is then used to create a cost estimate for the customer.

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Using drone technology, roofers can leverage the captured images to generate a more precise estimate in a shorter timeframe. This not only saves time and resources but also leads to reduced expenses for both the roofing company and the homeowner.

Getting the Picture Now?  


Integrating drones in the roofing industry has revolutionized how we approach inspections, maintenance, and repairs! These handy devices offer a range of benefits, from increased safety and efficiency to enhanced accuracy and data collection. As drones evolve and become more advanced, we can expect them to play an increasingly vital role in the roofing industry.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding your roof, RoofCrafters is here to assist you. Before reaching out to a roofing professional, though, we invite you to explore our comprehensive roofer checklist. It'll give you the knowledge to identify reliable and trustworthy roofers, which is essential to finding outstanding service! And when you're ready, visit our contact page to connect with one of our friendly representatives. Our highest priority is your happiness, and we can't wait to serve you! 

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Kevin Mills

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