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What Is a Public Adjuster?

February , 2024 | 5 min. read

By Johnny Girard

If you’ve ever had to file an insurance claim, you know the stress, frustration, and anxiety they bring along with them. Unless you enjoy filing claims (hey, we’re not judging), for most people, there are about a million other things we’d rather be doing. Whether it’s for health insurance, auto insurance, and The Big Kahuna, homeowner’s insurance, they all cause some ruffled feathers at some point during the process.

While RoofCrafters is limited in the guidance we can provide you when it comes to health and auto insurance, we do have a bit of a knack for homeowner’s insurance and are pretty keen on public adjusters. We’ve been working beside professional public adjustment firms for nearly 30 years now, and we appreciate and applaud the services they provide to our clients during the homeowner’s insurance claim processes.

If you’ve ever struggled to file a homeowner's insurance claim, or you’ve recently sustained roof damage of any kind and are unsure of where to start, it’s a good thing you’re here. In this article, you’ll learn more about what a public adjuster is, how they can aid you in the claims process, and times you should consider hiring a public adjuster. Let’s get started, shall we?

What Is a Public Adjuster?


Think of a public adjuster as your personal superhero. According to the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, “​a public insurance adjuster is a licensed and bonded insurance professional who assists policyholders with the complicated insurance claim process when they suffer an insured loss. Public Insurance Adjusters who belong to the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and can take advantage of the best quality, public adjuster specific, continuing education in the country.”


A public adjuster's sole purpose is to fight for you. Their main responsibility is to protect you and your interests in claims against a loss with your insurance company. Pretty cool, right? If you and your family have seen better days, and you’ve just suffered through a hurricane or another Act of God that’s left your home in shambles, it’s safe to say you’re not in an emotionally sound place to learn the proper etiquette when it comes to presenting your insurance claim.

That’s where a public adjuster comes into play. While you can focus on what matters, such as taking care of your family, relocating yourselves and your things, and remaining calm, a trusted, qualified, and trained public insurance adjuster will help make sure you meet all of the policy conditions, document your loss and get your claim paid. They can alleviate your stress of understanding a multitude of technical and legal jargon, stipulations and regulations, and every other insurance-claim-related gibberish under the sun. 

How Do Public Adjusters Fit in the World of Construction?


storm damaged roof being repaired

A public adjuster in roofing serves as an advocate for property owners when dealing with insurance claims related to roof damage. Their primary purpose is to represent the interests of the policyholder, helping them navigate the complex process of filing an insurance claim, assessing the damage, and negotiating with the insurance company to ensure fair compensation for repairs or replacements. Here are some specific purposes of a public adjuster in roofing:

Maximizing insurance claims: Public adjusters are experienced in evaluating the extent of roof damage and ensuring that all relevant damages are included in the insurance claim. They work to maximize the settlement amount to cover the costs of repairs or replacement.

Navigating insurance policies: Insurance policies can be complex, with various terms and conditions that may affect coverage for roof damage. Public adjusters understand insurance policies and can interpret them accurately to ensure that the policyholder receives the maximum entitled benefits.

Assessing damage: Public adjusters thoroughly assess the damage to the roof, documenting it with photographs, reports, and other evidence to support the insurance claim. Their expertise helps in presenting a comprehensive case to the insurance company.

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Negotiating with insurance companies: Public adjusters handle negotiations with insurance company adjusters on behalf of the policyholder. They work to achieve a fair settlement that adequately compensates for the damage, utilizing their knowledge of roofing materials, costs, and repair procedures to argue for proper compensation.

Expediting claims process: Insurance claims processes can be lengthy and bureaucratic. Public adjusters work to expedite the process by ensuring all necessary documentation is submitted promptly and by advocating for timely responses from the insurance company.

Providing peace of mind: Dealing with insurance claims, especially for significant damage like roof damage, can be stressful for property owners. Public adjusters provide peace of mind by handling the entire process, allowing the property owner to focus on other priorities while knowing their interests are being represented.

Overall, the purpose of a public adjuster in roofing is to level the playing field between the policyholder and the insurance company, ensuring that the property owner receives fair compensation for roof damage covered under their insurance policy.

Should I Hire a Public Adjuster for My Insurance Claim?


roof storm damage

At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference. If you feel comfortable with your organizational skills, and knowledge of legal terminology, and have documented every aspect of your claim, feel free to present it to your insurance company yourself. If the thought of that makes you sweat, it’s probably a good idea to hire a public adjuster.

Now that you know all the ways a public adjuster can be helpful to you, it’s important to put it to use. Always remember to keep track of your claims, be open and honest with your roofing contractor, and if you see fit, get in touch with a public adjuster as soon as possible.

RoofCrafters knows this stuff can be tricky, and we want to make sure you have all of the information necessary to make an informed decision about your roofing claim. For more information on insurance coverage, check out our article on what your homeowner’s insurance will and won’t cover. If you’d prefer to chat with an expert instead, feel free to drop us a line and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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