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Savannah Georgia Roofing Contractor

RoofCrafters continues to be a trusted option when choosing a local Savannah Georgia roofing contractor for your roofing service needs.

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RoofCrafters is dedicated to being among the top roofers in the Greater Savannah area. When you decide to work with us, you'll be provided with top-notch roofing warranties, quality materials, and the 5-star customer service that you deserve.

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Top-Notch Roofing Warranties

Only 2% of local roofing companies in Chatham County are backed by the manufacturers to provide extended warranties. RoofCrafters is one of the selected contractors who can provide these warranties, so your roof will always be covered. 


Quality Materials

You deserve nothing less than the very best, which is why you'll be provided with only the highest-quality roofing materials. Quality materials mean extending the life of your roof in our Coastal area.


5-Star Client Experience

Homeowners rave about RoofCrafters' exceptional client experience. When you choose us, you'll become a part of our family. You'll be treated by our friendly client-experience agent from day one.

The Oldest City in Georgia

Commercial Roofing in Savannah

As the heart of the South, Savannah's businesses rely on durable and reliable commercial roofing systems. Our expertise extends to various options, including:

  • Built-up roofing
  • Modified bitumen
  • Single-ply roofing
  • Metal roofing

We tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of Savannah's commercial properties, providing top-quality installations and exceptional service.

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Your Roof Will Beat the Heat

Shielding Yourself from the Savannah Sun

Known for its enchanting oak-lined walkways and attracting tourists worldwide, Savannah experiences a climate that poses unique challenges for roofs. With scorching summer sun and limited shade in certain parts of the city, the temperature can rise significantly, creating heat islands that are  unbearably hot. The humidity blankets the area, attributing to moisture. Our team understands the impact of these weather conditions. Our solutions are designed to combat these challenges head-on. We use durable materials that are resistant to sun damage, temperature fluctuations, and moisture accumulation, ensuring your roof remains strong and well-protected against Savannah's climate for years to come.

asphalt shingles, tile, metal, synthetic wood or slate
Renew Your Roof's Integrity

Savannah Roof Repair

Don't let Savannah's coastal environment leave your roof vulnerable to the elements. As the defender of your home, it's up to you to take action. Severe storms, from hail to heavy rainfall, can wreak havoc on your roof. But by addressing leaks and drainage issues, you'll prevent interior damage and mold growth. Be proactive and restore your roof to its former glory, ensuring it can withstand the unique challenges of Savannah's climate. With your efforts, your home will be well-protected from whatever the weather may bring.

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Taking pride in restoring homes and businesses to their best potential is what RoofCrafters of the Greater Savannah Area does best. We’re committed to providing you with the highest quality roofing services in all of Chatham County. 


Savannah's GAF Master Elite Roofer


High-Quality Workmanship


Affordable Services

Affordable Payments

Finance a Roof in Savannah Ga

Roof repairs and replacements can be expensive. That’s why you'll be offered three different payment options when you choose to finance with RoofCrafters of Savannah, GA.

Pay on your terms with one of these three financing options


No money down, 12 months same as cash

This option provides you the flexibility to pay for your roof over 12 months.


No money down, low-interest loan

Choose the number of installments and the interest rate to create an affordable monthly payment.


Combo plan, no money down 12 months deferred interest

Pay the loan in 12 months or roll it over into a low-interest loan at the end of 12 months.

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Ready to start your roof journey in  Savannah, Georgia? Complete this form to get your inspection scheduled.  Once submitted, our client experience agent will reach out to you to get your inspection scheduled the day it's received or by the next business day if you submit it after hours.

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FAQ Section

Savannah's Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find the answers to RoofCrafters of Savannah's most frequently asked roofing questions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, drop us a line on our contact page.

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When should I replace my roof in Savannah, GA?

How do I temporarily fix my leaky roof?

What are some signs that my roof may be damaged?

Do you offer Commercial Roof Maintenance in Savannah, Georgia?

If I have storm damage to my roof, should I call my insurance company first or a roofer?

Can I get a roof replacement estimate without meeting a salesperson?