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Kyle Conaway

Roof Replacement | Pricing in Georgia

By: Kyle Conaway
August 5th, 2022

Your Pooler home is due for a new roof, and you’ve just started to navigate through the roof replacement process online. We know from experience just how overwhelming this can be. Where do you start? What materials do I need for my roof? How much will this cost me? No one wants to talk about the cost of a roof online. 

Video | Financing

By: Kyle Conaway
August 2nd, 2022

A roof replacement can be an unexpected and expensive project.

metal roof | pricing

By: Kyle Conaway
July 26th, 2022

If you are in the market for a metal roof, both of those are great questions.

roof installation | Roof Replacement

By: Kyle Conaway
July 22nd, 2022

Roof replacements are no small task. The resources and space needed for the entire process can cause worries about your property getting damaged.   Especially if you have invested a lot of time and effort in renovating and upgrading your landscaping. The curated flower beds, pavers, patio, and backyard are probably the highlight of the home and the thought of them getting damaged during the roof replacement process is something to question.

Roof Replacement

By: Kyle Conaway
July 6th, 2022

Choosing a roof that’s best suited to your home and one that fits your design demands isn’t as hard as it may seem. Sure, it may not be as easy as opening up a catalog and saying, “I want that one!” and a beautiful new roof appears out of thin air. Although, that would be pretty cool. But the decision doesn’t have to be overly time-consuming or mentally taxing either. 

commercial roof | Roof Maintenance

By: Kyle Conaway
July 5th, 2022

Are you looking for a commercial roofing contractor to do “Commercial Roof Maintenance in Savannah, Georgia?” 

Video | Warranty

By: Kyle Conaway
June 17th, 2022

Replacing a roof is expensive. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive home improvement projects that homeowners face if they stay in a home for more than a decade or so. When it comes time to make the decision to get your roof replaced, it can feel a lot like plunging yourself into the deep end.   You feel alone, confused, and unsure of the process, only to have a salesman take advantage of you and sell you something you don’t necessarily need nor want. At RoofCrafters, we make it our mission to educate homeowners like you on the process of their roofing projects from start to finish. Part of that journey includes choosing the roof workmanship warranty option that’s the best fit for you and your home.   You'd want coverage on anything that you're about to dish out some serious cash for right? Think of a warranty like an insurance policy that covers your investment in a new roof for a certain period of time. Don't worry, we'll go ahead and break it down for you. In this article, you'll learn what a roofing warranty is, how long they last, and what they do and don't cover. 

commercial roof

By: Kyle Conaway
June 2nd, 2022

Is the roof on your commercial property getting near the end of its lifespan? With so many different types of commercial roofing materials available to you on the market, choosing the one that is right for you and your business can be an overwhelming task. There are several different factors that go into determining the right roof type to install on your commercial building, but where do you even start?

By: Kyle Conaway
April 6th, 2022

As homeowners, there is great pride in responsibility. Nothing feels better than a Sunday spent planting new flowers in your garden, fertilizing the lawn, or painting that first coat of your favorite color onto your home. There’s the not-so-fun stuff, too, like cleaning out your gutters, removing moss and debris from your roof, or repairing a foundation crack. Fun or not, all of these little (or big) chores help to keep the value of our homes high.

flat roof | new roof | asphalt shingles | Maintenance

By: Kyle Conaway
March 15th, 2022

Other than buying a home, replacing your roof can be one of the more costly decisions a homeowner can make.  Fortunately, it’s one you don’t have to make all that often. To ensure that your roof, old or new, lives up to its potential of 15 to 20 years, it's important to conduct proper maintenance. I know, it's not the most fun or even rewarding of household chores, but it's important and will save you money on potential issues in the long run.