When your home or business is undergoing work, it can be frustrating to watch people climb all over your building without knowing exactly what they are doing. This is particularly true about roofing jobs. At RoofCrafters, we want our customers to be involved in every process we do, from basic repairs and installations, to complete roof restorations. In our video collection, get information about every subject, from identifying roof damage to how your roof will be replaced.

  • What to do if You Roof is Leaking – Leaky roofs can quickly cause major damage. Our experts tell you how to deal with it properly.
  • The Importance of Gutters – Your gutter system does much more than keeping water from dripping into walkways. Find out how crucial your gutters really are.
  • Do You Need a New Roof? – When it comes to roofing, the difference between a roof that needs repair and roofing that should be replaced can be difficult to judge. We can help!
  • Can You Replace Part of a Roof? – Find out what your best options are for a partially damaged roof.
  • Dealing With Insurance – Insurance companies can be difficult when it comes to roof repair and replacement. Use the tips to make the process smoother.
  • Roof Lifespan and Strength – Find out how long your roofing system should last and how to know when it’s time to replace it.
  • The Right Roofer – Learn how to identify a roofer that’s too costly and find a team that works for you.

Preparing the Roof Deck

  • Nothing is more critical in roofing than preparing the surface under the shingles
  • When old parts are removed you will have a clean deck allowing you to see problems easily
  • Use specially designed roofing tear off shovels to remove existing roofing inputs
  • Failure to use dry components can cause failure that will distort the underlying roof

If your roof is in need of any of these repairs or installations, please watch our videos to get a better understanding of how RoofCrafters will do the work. And for additional information, do not hesitate to get in touch with the best roofing company in the Savannah, GA, area.