How to Repair Skylight Leak

A Skylight Installed on a Tile Roof.

How much does it cost to fix a leaky skylight?

Skylight repair costs will vary. The cost to fix a leaky skylight will depend on several factors, including the type of skylight that’s installed and what’s causing the leak. Most skylight leaks are caused by loose or damaged flashing, and it costs anywhere between $300 and $500 to reflash fixed or vented skylights. Tubular skylights, which are mounted in a framework of sheetrock, usually cost a great deal more to repair. If you have a leaking tubular skylight, expect to pay $500 or more for the repair. Repairs costs will also vary, depending on labor costs. Other additional costs may include labor costs for any electrical work on vented skylights.

Skylights are very appealing because they are aesthetically pleasing, and provide an extra source of natural light for your home. If your skylights are leaking and you need a skylight repair estimate in Georgia, South Carolina & Florida, GA, make sure to call 912-920-4147 to get help from the experts at RoofCrafters. Our services are very affordable.

While skylights draw in natural light, they can make rooms warmer, so it’s good to make sure in the summer your air conditioner is running at its very best. If your A/C seems to be cooling less or not cooling at all you may need central air conditioner repair.

How do you repair a leaking skylight?

To repair a leaking skylight, you’ll first need to determine if the leak is actually a leak or if you have a problem with condensation forming, if the leak is coming from elsewhere on the roof, or if the skylight itself is leaking.

If you’ve determined the skylight itself is leaking, you’ll start the repair by clearing away any leaves and debris. Then you’ll want to check the exterior of the skylight and flashing for any gaps, and to see if the flashing has been properly installed. Should you be unable to find the source of the leak you can use a garden hose to try to replicate the leak. The water will either leak from the lens, the frame, or the flashing.

If the flashing is damaged you will have to either repair or replace it. If you find any gaps or holes in the flashing, they can be sealed with roofing cement. Any leaks around the skylight lens can be sealed using 100% silicone caulking.

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Can skylights be repaired?

Yes, most problems like leaks can be repaired. To determine whether you need skylight repair or replacement you’ll have to figure out how extensive the repairs will be. A leak where there are a few gaps in the flashing can be repaired fairly easily with roofing cement. But, if the skylight is showing serious signs of deterioration, then replacement is the option. While age is usually a factor leading to deterioration, if you have older skylights, you may want to replace them with new ones to take advantage of technological advances in design that help them last longer. Such advances include skylight shades with remote controls, as well as solar battery recharging. You should also consider replacing your skylights if you are replacing your roof, so the skylights will fit with the new roof design.

Do skylights always leak?

While skylights don’t always leak, skylights sometimes have problems with leaking, especially older skylights. More modern skylights are designed with leak prevention in mind. Most leaks are caused because the flashing around the skylight has come loose or has been damaged in some way,or was poorly installed in the first place. 

Leaks may also be caused by deteriorating seals. If you live in an area that gets frequent snow and ice, skylights can become vulnerable to ice dams, which can cause leaks. In colder weather, the interior glass can form condensation which can drip from the skylight to the room below. Technically, this is not a leak. Adding roofing felt around the frame and rough opening can prevent condensation from building up. 

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What are the best skylights?

There are multiple skylights on the market today and the brand and type of skylight you choose for your home will depend on the type of roof you have and what your needs are. We carry an extensive range of brands and styles including leading brands like HeavenScape, Velux, and Bristolite, among others. Skylights come in three basic types as the list below notes.

Types of skylights

  • Fixed: These are the most popular but do not open.They are best when you want to add extra light, especially in areas that are difficult to access like hallways, stairwells and attics.
  • Ventilating: These skylights open and close and you can get ventilating skylights that open manually or electronically.They are best for kitchens and bathrooms because they help remove excess moisture.
  • Tubular: These are the newest on the market and consist of domed skylights with reflective metal tubes and often come with dimmer switches to control the amount of light that comes in. They are best in small rooms, hallways and closets.
Mold Forms on a Skylight From Condensation.

Skylight repair and installation

While there are plenty of contractors that provide skylight repair and installation in Georgia, South Carolina & Florida, GA, when you are looking for the most reliable and professional team, we are the team to call. We carry a wide range of name brands and our technicians are highly skilled and qualified. To get an estimate or schedule services call us at 912-920-4147.