Bi-Annual D.I.Y. Metal Roof Maintenance

Metal Roof Maintenance

Keeping Up Metal Roof Maintenance is Easy With These 3 Steps!

With metal roofing, you don’t have to worry yourself with monthly cleaning or missing shingles. In fact, keeping your beautiful metal roof in great condition is a really simple job! All that’s required is one hour of your time, twice a year. Follow these three simple steps, and you’ll be done with your bi-annual metal roof maintenance before you know!

Maintenance Step #1: The Walkabout (5-10 minutes)

This little prep period is your time to gather all your materials and briefly inspect your rooftop. For your maintenance you’ll need a ladder, a trash bag, gloves, a soft cloth or sponge and some Formula 409 cleaner. Once you’ve finished collecting your materials, take a short walk around your house (or office) and take note of any foreign debris, smudges, scratches, paint chips, etc.

Maintenance Step #2: Basic Cleanup (25-35 minutes)

Now you’re ready to get started! Ascend the ladder onto the roof and begin with cleaning away all that debris you saw earlier, including twigs, leaves, and any other loose particulates. Make sure you take this opportunity to empty out your gutters, which will protect your roof from corrosion. Afterwards, you can rinse off the roof with a hose. Next, grab that cleaning solution and cloth and wipe away any smudges you can find. This will protect your paint from fading and (again) corrosion. For tougher smudges, you might need to use a solution of water, dish soap, and household bleach.

Maintenance Step #3: Final Touch Ups (0-15 minutes)

If you noticed any scratches or metal chips lodged in your paint, you’ll want to perform some quick touch ups to keep your roof from rusting. Make sure to use a brush (not a sprayer) and a tub of manufacturer approved paint. Once the paint has dried, you’re finished!

One hour is all it takes to keep your metal roofing system looking gorgeous for 6 more months! For any questions about metal roofing or D.I.Y. roof maintenance, feel free to chat with one of our experts at912-920-4147.