Best Brunswick GA Roofing Company

Best Brunswick GA Roofing CompanyThere is only one word that customers can describe their experience with Roof Crafters: Outstanding! The company owner oversaw and managed the entire roofing project to the highest standards. The roofers were punctual, trustworthy, and most significantly, had great suggestions and knowledge about the latest styles and designs. They were capable of working with their customer over the phone, in person, and most notably, by email while they are on vacation. This best Brunswick GA roofing company gave them the pros and cons of the materials they used. They were also eager to take the time to assist them in making choices to determine the best roof suppliers in order to obtain their desired custom features.

The whole staff of Roof Crafters are highly proficient, reliable, hardworking, and courteous. They really went beyond their customers expectations and they made the whole experience less stressful considering they have a home-based office. The roofers always did an excellent job and their customer were very impressed with how perfect their roof was when completed. They recommend this roofing company to any homeowners, and most of them have already shared the positive experience they got from this company to their friends, neighbors, and members of their family.

Customers gave compliment to the staff and good management for a job well done. From the sales and inspection to the final nail, this Brunswick GA roofing company did a quality job. They are especially pleased with the roofersā€™ foreman and his talented team that showed commitment to client satisfaction and performed the roofing task on time without any delays.

Roof Crafters is the best roofing company in Brunswick GA. We serve the entire SC low country and Savannah area with high quality service and the best Warranty in the industry. Contact us for a FREE consultation.

Testimonial about this service

Brunswick GA Roofing Company

There are some jobs that you just should not do on your own and require the help of an expert. Roof work, for example. At our house, every time we need roofing services, we make sure that the Brunswick GA roofing company we hire is certified, insured, and has many years of experience. Roof Crafters is the best company we have encountered.

Prior to the rainy season, my husband decided to conduct an inspection of our roof to make sure that everything was in good condition. After one rainy evening, we found that our belongings and some of our furniture was wet. We really did not know where the water came from. All we knew was that the roof seemed to be in a good state. In fact, my husband had just checked it. Without any hesitation, I contacted my friend who had her roof repaired the previous month and asked for a recommendation. She suggested Roof Crafters, which is one block away from our home. I dropped by their office and asked some questions pertaining to their services and I was very glad with the responses.

After an hour of brief explanation, I decided to sign a contract. This Brunswick GA roofing company showed me proof that they were certified to work in our area and also documents about insurance. Best of all, they provided a warranty. In case there were problems with their work, they were willing to do it again.

I was very happy with their roofing services. They are an excellent roofing company and I highly recommend them.

The best Brunswick GA roofing company you will find is Roof Crafters.

ā€“ Mark Fitzer
Brunswick GA, USA