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Beaufort SC Shake RoofingDurability and beauty are the key benefits that shake roofing provides. The traditional shake roofs are made from wood that is mechanically split into shakes. There are no shakes that are exactly the same size, giving your roof a desirable dimensional and rustic appearance. Beaufort SC shake roofing comes in a variety of styles.

As I read different reviews about this type of roofing system and related topics, I found out that the type of wood usually used to manufacture shake roofing materials includes cedar, cypress, redwood, and pine. Cedar is the most common shake roofing materials available. Also, the wood is chemically modified and properly pressure-treated to increase its fire-resistant capability.

The durability of shake roofing is remarkable. Unlike other common roofing materials like metal and asphalt shingles, wood shakes are natural. Cypress, cedar, and redwood trees are resistant to decay due to the natural oils present in the wood. These properties increase the longevity of your roof.

However, wood shake roofing requires thorough maintenance, as it can lose its initial brown coloring after a year. The initial coating of the roof is stripped due to exposure from severe weather conditions like rain, hail, high winds, and snow. Failure to maintain shake roofing regularly will lead to leaks that are expensive. This is a reason why many people prefer other types of roofing systems. This roofing material is also expensive, as it requires roofing specialists to install it.

Those who can afford a shake roof can seek help from Roof Crafters. The company has been in the industry for over two decades. This ensures that you will get all the help you need before, during, and after your shake roofing project.

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