Are Home Upgrades Worth It?

A new home renovation finished with a stone accent wall and state-of-the-air venting apparatus.

What Upgrades Will Increase Home Value?

Home upgrades can increase the value of the home dramatically. In general, updating kitchens and bathrooms provides the most increases in home value with regard to future resale. With millennials far more likely than baby-boomers to invest in older homes that require more renovations, the most high-traffic rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms, receive the utmost attention. With regard to the kitchen, according to many realtors and real-estate developers, replacing old appliances with new, and making sure all the appliances match, gives a real boost to home value. Swapping a Formica countertop with quartz sees a large potential return on investment, as does swapping out a large fluorescent light fixture with monorail lighting.

What Home Improvements Bring the Most Value?

Since most people consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home, updates in this room have huge potential to increase house value. While investing in the kitchen has the potential to pay off huge dividends, stay within the upgrading realm matching the home and neighborhood. Fresh paint and modern colors go a long way toward increasing your home value while maximizing your pocket change. Investing in eco-friendly solutions, such as eco-paint, will perform the dual purpose of avoiding dangerous chemicals and providing more resale value.

When pondering the possibility of your home upgrade, why not consider whole house air filtration? Fresh, clean air is just as important as fresh, clean water.

What Upgrades Help Sell a House?

Investing in energy-efficient model appliances also increases the home value dramatically. Energy star-rated appliances are better for the environment, helping homeowners save money while spending less energy. Potential buyers are always looking for a home that provides more cost-efficiency over time, as a home is usually the largest investment a buyer will make. One of the other significant upgrades a homeowner can make is to create a new bathroom. If the home only has one bathroom, estimates relate that a homeowner can recoup 80-130% of the money spent on a new bathroom renovation.

How to do Home Upgrades

There are many different cheap and easy ways to increase the value of your home. Giving kitchen cabinets two coats of fresh paint enlivens them. This task can be accomplished in the space of a weekend. Upgrading cabinet handles is another useful and easy way to make the current kitchen or bathroom cabinets slightly more efficient and updated. Sometimes a simple touch is the best. Adding an outdoor dining table to a porch or yard makes it seem like there’s additional space, and provides an interesting new perspective on an outdoor party space.

A couple embraces the process of home renovation.

Home Upgrades for Resale

Home improvements not only make life easier and more convenient but choosing the right home improvement projects can also mean more profits when it comes time to sell. Not all home improvements create a huge boost to home value, so it’s important to conduct a little research to maximize homeowner efforts. Some home improvement project reaps huge rewards. For example, investing in a new garage door installation pays for itself, as does an investment in stone veneer siding.

Home Upgrades to Avoid

Certain upgrades for the home, such as crown molding installation, may appear easy on the eyes, but it won’t be easy on your wallet. Homeowners rarely recoup their investment on crown molding, though it can be an exceptional sight for family gatherings. Another stumbling block for some homeowners occurs when home upgrades have increased the value of the home to such an extent that the home value no longer matches the value of the neighborhood and surrounding area. Never price yourself out of the price of the neighborhood.

Home Upgrades to Make

Before considering cosmetic or functional improvements to the home, make all needed upgrades, repairs, and replacements to the existing home’s major systems. Upgrading heating, plumbing, electrical and sewer systems should come first and foremost. It is with certainty that older homes will have older plumbing systems, possible foundation problems, and need a possible upgrade to the HVAC system. Updating these systems creates more energy efficiency, which makes the home operate better, with lower energy bills, and more resilience in future circumstances.

Skylights present an innovative way to generate light and air in what was once a dark and drafty room. Consider skylights for your home!

Home Upgrades and Maintenance

One of the important facets to consider is the difference between basic maintenance and an upgrade. Basic maintenance items include re-mulching and framing planting beds, weeding, cleaning windows, and pressure-washing the driveway. Upgrades include new light fixtures, faucets, appliances counter tops and carpet. A home upgrade that will increase energy efficiency that most homeowners overlook is adding attic insulation. If the attic is not properly insulated, it is more than possible that the heating and cooling bills will lower significantly after such a task is accomplished.

Home Upgrading Ideas

Ideas for home upgrades are numerous and ultimately beneficial for sculpting out ideas. Consult the following list of suggestions for your home upgrade.

  • Replacing windows.
  • Adding stone siding.
  • Landscaping.
  • Installing central air-conditioning.
  • Fixing up the basement.
  • Putting in a swimming pool.

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