How Can We Improve Our Home Environment?

Just like not having a well kept roof will require you to need roof repair to avoid leaving your home vulnerable to the elements, the same is needed with your home’s health. What is a healthy home? This is a home that designed or maintained to improve the occupant’s health. Through energy efficient housing add-ons like skylights, water filters, or air filters, the power of nature is used to help home dwellers be healthier. Get a healthy home in Georgia, South Carolina & Florida, GA by calling RoofCrafters at 912-920-4147 today.

How Can I Make My Home Healthy?

reverse osmosis water system

Water Filtration Systems Are Affordable Ways To Get a Healthy Home

There are many easy ways to make your home healthy. Things like making sure your home is dry and ventilated are able to cut out tons of bacteria and mold growth that could affect your air quality. While a little more difficult to keep on top of, you can also go completely organic in your home. That means eliminating anything that has GMOs or VOCs, from food to chemical cleaners. It is more expensive, but it pays off by keeping you healthy and living longer. You can get a healthy home and family by installing affordable air and water filters to your home. Healthy home water that tastes good and has all the harmful pollutants removed from it are popular choices in a water treatment system known as filters. Common water filters include carbon filters and a reverse osmosis water filter that remove contaminants like flouride, chlorine, magnesium, and calcium.

How Can We Improve Our Home Environment?

If you are wanting to improve your home’s air and water quality for better health, the best way to do that is by getting air and water filters that can attach directly to your home’s main water and air lines. This way the filters can remove common contaminants that are found in the air and water. Whole home air filters will remove allergens, dust and dust mites, smoke, moisture, asbestos from the air. Water filters remove pollutants like metals, chemicals, dirt, and sometimes even bacteria from water depending on what type of filter you get.

How Do You Remove Toxins From Your Home?

So how do you remove toxins from your home? The way air and water filters work is that they have a veil over the filter that traps all the microscopic pollutants, only allowing the filtered water or air to pass through. If you don’t have and air or water filter, there are other ways you can remove toxins from your residence to achieve a healthy home. Eliminating the use of pesticides which have a huge amount of VOCs (the chemicals that result in greenhouse gas emissions and ozone pollution) are an easy way not only to save money, but the environment and your health as well. Another way to get a healthy home for cheap is by simply opening up some windows! If inside air becomes too stuffy, it allows for more moisture to accumulate. If that happens, that is how mold and mildew grow. These fungi are extremely detrimental to the health of humans and animals, but can be killed by drying them out.

Benefits of Air and Water Filters

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Proper Ventilation , Insulation, and Other HVAC Maintenance Help To Make a Healthy Home By Improving Indoor Air Quality

The characteristics of a clean and healthy home environment are easy to spot once you discover what to look for. By upgrading to healthy home products like a water purification system or a whole home humidifier, you are able to get a healthy home. Other air and water filtration systems that you can get for a healthy home include carbon water filters, reverse osmosis water filters, ozone water purifier, whole home air purifier or filter, and many more! Each of these water and air filters offer many benefits to creating a healthy home in Georgia, South Carolina & Florida, GA. To learn more, call RoofCrafters at 912-920-4147 today.

    • Air filters relieve allergy symptoms as they remove allergens and dust from the air.
    • Humidifiers help to stop dry nasal passages and nosebleeds. They also help to keep skin from drying out by retaining the moisture in the skin, leaving skin smoother and softer.
    • Reverse osmosis water filters remove metals and chemicals like flouride, chlorine, mercury, lead, iron, and asbestos.
    • Carbon water filters will remove calcium, magnesium, dirt, and dissolved salts.
    • Ozone water purifiers can remove pesticides, VOCs, bacteria, and viruses.
    • Filtered water will taste and smell better. The filtered water will also help your pipes last longer as there will be no sediment residue that will be left in the pipes to build up over time that results in clogs.
    • Adding insulation to your roof and attic helps your home to to better regulate temperatures. This means that no valuable air is escaping or being wasted, and instead is being actively consumed by the occupants.