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What Are the Types of Metal Roofing?

A Residential Metal Roof Against a Cloudy Sky.

Learn About the Different Types of Residential Roofing.

One of the best roofing materials on the market for a residential property is metal roofing. For the longest time, metal roofing was only seen as a commercial roofing product, but throughout the years, it has become a popular residential roofing material that homeowners flock towards. This is due to the fact that it is long-lasting, durable, aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient. There are many different types of residential metal roofing and it’s important to know the details of all of them before you make a decision. Below are the types of residential metal roofing systems on the market.

Types of Residential Metal Roofing

  • Aluminum Roofing: This is one of the better metal roofing systems if you live in a coastal town; this is because aluminum is very resistant to salt corrosion. While it is resistant to this type of corrosion, it is a good idea to have this type of metal painted.
  • Copper Roofing: Copper roofing is a great metal roof for homes because it can last up to 100 years and it is recyclable. Because it is a very soft metal, it can become prone to damage if there is hail.
  • Steel Roofing: One of the titans of metal roofing will always be steel roofing. It is not only used for roofing, but for other industrial-like buildings. There are three types of steel roofing that homeowners can choose from, galvanized, galvalume, and weathering steel.
  • Zinc Roofing: While the first three metal roofs are pretty common, we don’t necessarily think of zinc when it comes to residential roofing. However, it is very durable and can be formed into many different shapes. It does have a chalking effect, it can be cleaned to reduce it.

Residential metal roofing installation requires the skill of an experienced roofer, just as bathroom remodeling or leak repair requires a professional plumber; if you are looking for metal roofing in Georgia, South Carolina & Florida, call RoofCrafters at 912-920-4147.