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The Perks of an Aluminum Roof

We love aluminum. We love it! It’s lightweight, durable and easy for roofers to use. But why should homeowners love aluminum? Why choose aluminum for your house compared to other roofing materials? Here’s a short list of reasons why you should consider installing an aluminum roof in Georgia, South Carolina & Florida.

It’s easy for your house to support.

A Roof and a Rainy Day

Rain Usually Causes Metal to Rust. Not Aluminum. Aluminum Roofs Laugh at Rain!

Shingle roofing is great, but it can also be very heavy on your home’s framework. The lightweight nature of aluminum enables it to cover your home without applying extra stress on the supporting frame. This greatly reduces the chances of structural failure and repairs.

It reflects sunlight, improving energy efficiency.

Your roof absorbs more direct sunlight than any other part of your home. That means things are gonna get hot! Aluminum however, has strong reflective properties which bounce sunlight instead of absorbing it. As a result, your HVAC system will have an easier time maintaining the cool temperature in your house. Raise your hand if you like lower energy bills!

Aluminum laughs at corrosion.

In general, metal roofing requires very little maintenance because it’s so tough! Out of all other metals used for roofing, aluminum provides some of the strongest weather and corrosion resistance. In neighborhoods subject to high wind speeds and rainfall, resilience against cracking is a must. Even with severe humidity and rainfall, aluminum will not rust. 

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