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How to Do Roofing Valleys

Roofing Valleys

How to Do Roofing Valleys – Roof Crafters

This video is about the proper installation technique for flashing and roofing valleys. We do woven, open and closed cut valleys.

  • This video demonstrates the proper installation technique for flashing and roofing valleys.
  • The open, woven and closed cut methods are demonstrated.
  • Valleys are a prime leak area so it’s important to be careful. . .
  • Use WeatherWatch or StormGuard sefl-adhering leak barriers in all valleys

Because valleys on a roof are a prime leak area, at Roof Crafters, we take the time to do them right. Most valleys can be loaded with water and backed up with snow and ice in colder climates, so it is important that when your roof is installed, these areas are given the proper attention.

Roof Crafters uses three methods to install valleys:

Woven Valley

Woven valleys are the weakest and should only be installed with three-tab shingles. Because there are not any exposed openings, woven valleys are highly waterproof. The first step is to install StormGuard leak barriers down the valley. Then deck protectors will be laid. The woven valley shingles will then be applied on both sides of the intersecting roof surfaces.

Closed Cut Valley

Closed cut valley roofs are popular on many houses in the U.S. To install them, first a storm guard deck protector is laid in the valley. Then, after the shingles are placed, each end shingle will be embedded with asphalt plastic roofing cement.

Open Valley

To begin, corrosion-resistant metal is applied over the storm guard in the valley. The flashing is then cemented at the edges with asphalt adhesive. Then the shingles are installed using asphalt cement.

For more detailed information, please watch our video.

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