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Installing a Starter Course

Installing Starter Shingles

Installing a Starter Course – Roof Crafters

This video is about proper installation technique for starter shingles.

  • This video demonstrates the proper installation technique for starter shingles
  • Starter courses are important for wind resistance
  • Use WeatherBlocker or ProStart starter strips

When a roof is first installed, starter shingles play an important role. One of the most common sources of roof system failure is the improper installation of these shingles. Starter shingles are particularly vital for wind resistance. This is why we at Roof Crafters only use WeatherBlocker or ProStart strip shingles. These have many advantages over using cut shingles for starter strips.

Once the strips are cut into the proper measurements, they are then overhung at the eave and rake edge. This is a small but extremely important detail because it helps ensure that water will run off the roof away from the structure. When used at the proper locations, these strip shingles can prevent leaks and blow-offs. This is just one of the many things our factory-certified professionals have been trained to do to make sure you get a strong and durable roof.

At Roof Crafters, we want you to have a good-looking roof, but more importantly, we want your roof to be able to hold up to all kinds of severe elements and last for many years. This is why we put an emphasis on a seemingly minor element such as starter shingles.

To see exactly how we will go about installing your starter shingles, watch our video.

While numerous roofing companies have come and gone in the Savannah, GA, area, Roof Crafters remains steadfast. This is because we offer exceptional roofing services such as shingle installation, repairs, and EPDM for both residential and commercial buildings. Our company is factory-certified by GAF Materials Corporation, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. From us you can trust that you will get personalized service from our highly experienced staff, and we also offer easy payment plan options. We at Roof Crafters pride ourselves on our reputation and customer loyalty, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.