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Installing WeatherWatch & StormGuard

Installing Shingles

Installing WeatherWatch & Stormguard – Roof Crafters

This video is about proper installation of WeatherWatch & Stormguard.

  • The drip edge is critical to provide a finished look and to add waterproofing
  • Drips edges must be corrosion resistant
  • Drips edges should be applied applied to edge along eaves
  • On the rakes, drip edges are applied on top of underlayment
  • Drip edges should be nailed as needed to hold into place

It is extremely important that, in addition to looking good, your roof provides your home or business with protection against all kinds of severe weather. At Roof Crafters, when we install roofs, we only use the best weather protection materials from WeatherWatch and StormGuard.

Before any installation takes place, we will make sure that your roof service is clean. Then the weather protection will be cut into the appropriate lengths. One edge of the roll will then be placed at the rake edge which will be aligned with the eave. The protection will be installed over the edge metal along the eave.

Both WeatherWatch and StormGuard can be installed underneath the drip edge and over the fascia. This will cover the seam of the fascia and the deck to protect against ice dam problems. When we use this method, we will make sure that all the weather protection is covered by the drip edge because the material is not designed to be permanently exposed to sunlight. In addition to eaves, the weather protection can be used along the rakes, in valleys, and wherever else protection from wind-driven rain and ice is necessary.

Some roofing contractors cut corners by not using leak barriers at important areas. But the trained professionals at Roof Crafters always use them as a secondary flashing for extra protection. We use weather protection in valleys, skylights, dormers, chimneys, plumbing vents, and vertical walls.

To see how we will install weather protection on your roof, just watch our video.

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