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Installing Premium Deck Protection

Premium Deck Protection

Installing Premium Deck Protection – Roof Crafters

This video is about proper installation of high quality roof deck protection.

  • the proper installation of high quality roof deck protection is the foundation on which the roof is built
  • Critical waterproofing layer over exposed deck
  • Premium roof deck protection is specially designed to allow moisture to escape
  • Use DeckArmor, ShingleMate or LeatherBack roof deck protectors

To make sure that your roof system has a good foundation, the proper installation of high-quality roof protection is paramount. At Roof Crafters, when we install a roof, we only use excellent roof protection underlayment like DeckArmor, ShingleMate, and LeatherBack. Premium deck protection allows moisture to escape while providing the best protection against wind-driven rain. It also lays flatter to give property owners a much better looking roof.

Deck protectors are a vital waterproofing layer over the exposed deck. We never use non-breathable felts as underlayment because they can trap moisture and prevent it from escaping. Premium deck protection reduces the possibility of water damage and they also ensure a Class A fired rated roofing system.

To put up deck protection, first WeatherWatch or StormGuard is installed at the roof eaves and penetrations. Then the roof protection is rolled out. Depending upon the angle of your roof, more than one layer may be required. The roof protection is laid in such a manner to allow water to be shed all the way down the roof. The trained professionals at Roof Crafters always make sure to follow local codes when fastening deck protectors, particularly in high wind areas. In case shingles blow off, quality roof deck protection will provide short-term water resistance until repairs can be made.

Another benefit from a Roof Crafters’ installed roof deck protection is that it can shield the shingles from chemicals in the wooden deck that can attack asphalt and damage the shingles.

Watch our video to see exactly how we will install your premium deck protection.

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