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Commercial Roofing Pooler GA

Commercial Roofing Pooler GAEveryone knows that working on a roof, either a residential or a commercial one, is a risky job. Roofers who take this for granted or who experience mishap could fall and break a neck or back, leg or arm. When choosing a commercial roofing Poole GA company, double check if the company is insured in order to guarantee your protection in case of an accident.

Agreement to waive the liability for accidents, injuries, or deaths is not a sufficient substitute for insurance.  A lower bid might be a sign that a company either has no insurance or has permitted it to lapse. This might be an attempt to weaken the competition simply for the reason of not wanting to pay for insurance.

If a commercial roofing company attempts to persuade you that you will be safe even if they are not insured or provides you with an agreement absolving you of your accountability, stay away from them. The company has just shown that you can’t trust them to work in a responsible and professional way, therefore even if the company get insurance immediately, it is still best to cut your ties with them.

Roof Crafters is a reliable commercial roofing Pooler GA company that is glad to offer every client proof that we are insured. You can even visit or contact the insurance agency and check if we are indeed covered and up to date on premium disbursements. Leave nothing to possibility with regards to insurance. The existence of a good, completely paid insurance policy provides you confidence and tells you that you can safely hire that roofing company. We serve the entire SC low country and Savannah area with high quality service and the best Warranty in the industry. Contact us for a FREE consultation.