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Best Roofer Brunswick GAAre you in need of roof repair or a new installation? You can always rely on Roof Crafters, the best roofer Brunswick GA company. Our company is composed of professionals that have undergone intensive roofing training. We specialize in different kinds of roofing jobs, so you will have the best roof in no time.

Roof Crafters performs various types of roofing jobs such as the flat roof which comes in many forms. One of these is the contemporary flat roof which is referred to as Built Up. This type of flat roof is composed of three layers of waterproof materials that are sandwiched with hot tar. This is a heavy roof and its top layer is gravel making the roof more fire-resistant.

Another type of flat roof that Roof Crafters can effectively create is the single plied mineral-based roof.  There are two methods in doing it, and these are the torch down and the energy saver. An additional kind of flat roofing is the rubber membrane which is glued or attached with fasteners. This is made of lightweight materials that can easily be penetrated by heat and damaged by rock.

Roof Crafters also offers foam roofing which uses high quality lightweight materials. This is sprayed with Polyurethane making the roof sturdier. It is then coated with a hard top which is applied through spraying or rolling. This is the type often used for commercial roofing because of its advantageous characteristics. The foam is environment-friendly, so you can always count on it no matter what the season is. Whichever type of roof you choose, Roof Crafters, the best roofer Brunswick GA company, will deliver you high quality roof construction. We serve the entire SC low country and Savannah area with high quality service and the best Warranty in the industry. Contact us for a FREE consultation.

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Brunswick GA BBB Roofing Awards

Customers would be wise to select a roofing company that has been awarded a high rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This reflects that the company provides exemplary services to its clients. The award-giving body is very particular in monitoring companies and making sure that they follow the proper criteria. This is essential for them because it is one way to attract clients. Clients are assured that once they use the services of a company that has a good BBB rating, they will not be disappointed. The company must resolve any problem or complaint by clients and they must attend to them at once. Roof Crafters is the Brunswick GA roofing company that has been awarded for several years with a rating of A+ by the BBB.

We are one of the many clients of the company and can attest to the service they give to each customer. They always maintain excellent standards. No matter how small or big your roofing problem is, they are always ready to help you. The company will begin with an assessment, and if the client approves, they will write up a contract. As much as possible the company would like to perform the job without any conflict because working harmoniously with their clients is one of their priorities.

As one of the clients of the company, I would say that they are the topnotch roofing company in Brunswick GA. With just a short notice, they will listen and immediately provide a solution. I can also testify that for years after the installation of our roof, we do not have any complaints.

Call Roof Crafters when you need immediate work done on you roof.

– Ted Gaston
Brunswick GA, USA